[Addon] IOR Reference

Hi all, I’ve made a small addon to keep IOR values close by when working in Cycles.
This script adds a list of over 300 IOR values in the nodes editor. Probably enough for everyone :eyebrowlift2:

It also includes a button to insert a value node with the selected IOR. Most times you can just type it but it can be handy if you have to plug the same IOR on different nodes. Also as with all UILists in Blender, you can search and sort the list by clicking the plus icon at the bottom.

Github repo: https://github.com/diegogangl/IOR_reference
Download: https://github.com/diegogangl/IOR_reference/archive/1.0.zip

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Not so sure why no-one has commented on this yet, but certainly looks very useful (and faster than having to fire up LibreOffice and then load my IoR cheatsheet).

a useful addon, thanks.

this is so awesome, thanks a lot for this

The good thing. Thanks

Hey, thanks for the replies all! BTW, let me know if there’s some IORs you’re missing from the list.