[AddOn] Jamb Generator 2


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Brilliant, now since it’s fully parametric, working with it, is just a pleasure.

nice job, good to see updates in scripts that have been around this long.happy blending.

What I absolutely love about this add-on is the fact that the parameters can be altered at any stage, not just upon creation of the primitive. Are you considering implementing the same approach to your window generator add-on?

Come on DragonLEE, you know you want to add all this wonderful new capability to the window generator…give us a little peak why don’t you?

Thanks very much.

thanks for all comments

Looking through your previous posts and I realize that you’re a seriously talented guy in all the areas of Blender you touch.

Wow, very impressive and seriously awesome !
Great work !

What ever happened to the balcony “balkon” generator?

thanks for all comments

coming soon
-Bolcony Generator 2
-Chimney Generator
-Window Generator 3
-Roof Generator

This looks great.

Your tools are extremely useful for architecture renders.
The only nitpick I have is that they don’t use the units selected for the scene. For example metric.

Keep up the good work,

And don’t forget a Railinggenerator :wink:

Kind regards

I’m thinking of railinggenerator

Awesome! Thanks a lot.

Good work ! Its similar those parametrical BIM-objects what you see e.g. in Archicad. So rare in Blender to see like that :slight_smile:

Fully parametric objects in Blender drools

It would be so nice if Blender could support this natively so that people didn’t have to make modifiers for it. Really cool script, thank you so much :slight_smile:

thanks for all comments

Hey DragonLEE, I think you can tell that your addons would be wildly popular and that there are many of us waiting to see your next move. I know it’s only been a short while since you announced new versions of many of your great tools, but could you give us an update?

Thanks again for coming back to help improve Blender.

thank you

Balcony Generator 2 - Coming Soon