[AddOn] Jamb Generator 2

Wow. Big Smiles Everywhere! You couldn’t have given any better an update. Thanks.

Can’t wait :slight_smile:


A work of beauty. Thanks for the teaser.

are the chimney and balcony generators with the same script or still coming soon .


…and now I find myself dreaming of parametric roads, bridges, and sidewalks that pass houses with balconies, chimneys, and fancy windows framed in perfect jambs…someone wake me.

much much like this.
Windows and doors it is first we need. So many to do for blender useability.

That is POWER.
Thank you, you are just great one!

Thanks Dragon. These are great!


I feel the same way. Very nice picture preview. I just wish there was and actual released script that could do these things.

DragonLee, I know you are working on a few things simultaneously, but do you have an expected arrival date for the new tools? It might only “feel” like a thousand year wait when in reality it’s not much more than some weeks, it’s just that when looking for such an amazing advancement, it’s hard to be patient.

chimney generatorhttp://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?309644-Chimney-Generator&p=2474135#post2474135

Great addons! So fun to use them. Little thanks present:

I still have not seen a download link for the balcony generator or the window generator.

so, this has stopped for years

where is the link looks broken link. Any provide the addon link plz