[Addon] Laser Slicer

I have updated my laserslicer addon to v0.7. Now uses the bisect tool for quicker slicing, and tries to be clever about whether to write out SVG polylines or polygons.

More details and download from http://blendscript.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/laser-slicer-v07.html

Fantastic addon! Very useful. Wierd that I have never seen it before?

try on suzane. Apply, wait 5min, nothing happend, blender hang up.

Amazing tool! Thanks a lot for your share!
Bye bye

Are you sure you have not seen it before as someone using your photo posted a comment on my blog when I released the first version. Either you’re having a senior moment or this is a sure case of identify theft.
There was a little bug when I first posted but I have now fixed it. Could you try re-downloading? If it still does not work could you send me any terminal output that may help me to track down the problem?

I’ve just fixed another little bug that incorrectly wrote out some edges.

I think/hope that this will also fix your issue.

It would have been nice to have posted a short description in the very first post of this thread as to what the script does. Such as "I’ve written a little script, available on the (my)scripts page, to slice up a mesh in Blender and export the slices as shapes in a SVG file that can be cut on a laser cutter. The mesh should be a manifold solid.

I took that from the author’s blog after opening about 7 levels of menus. The first post on his blog mentions this update but still does not tell what the actual script does. He is assuming the everyone that reads the title know has use the script or knows just from the title what it does. I am reminded of my what my high school English Composition teacher told us the first day of class, “Assume NOTHING about your reader and start at the beginning, because you only have about 20 words to capture his or her attention and induce them to read on.”

Senior moment… Definitely senior moment… I did the same some weeks ago starting the same thread two times… :smiley: I think I just focus too much on these kinds of features and then mix them all up. Need to work on that.
Accept the extra attention from my side as an apology and a compliment to the great feature :slight_smile:

Its great :), i was researching for a proyect for the blender cookie addon contest to make something similar, the only thing that ts missing is a topography export, so its possible to name object with the height and then import to autocad or similar, i will re post it here once ive done it, Probably wont be able to use it for the contest anymore but its a tool i need i will reshare it with you :).

Sounds good. If you need any help let me know.

I have just put an update to the Laser Slicer script on my blog http://blendscript.blogspot.co.uk/. Version 0.8 allows you to specify the position of the slices on each separate SVG file, and set a laser cut thickness to create a gap around slices.

Thank you rereg

would it be possible to add a menu to adjust slicing direction?
Or take some object coordinates as a vector?