[Addon] Layer manager for Blender 2.63a

(anfeo) #1

Hi, I’m working from a week on an Addon that help the layer management.

you can follow the progress on my blog:

Now I am on 0.5 version of the script and I’m searching for new feedback or request.

See the other version of the script on the blog, for example the 0.1 version is very simple, only layer name e button to visualize.

Edit: vesion 0.6 ready, check my site.


(anfeo) #2

Yes, I know these tread, I have take some idea from it.

but my script it’s ready to test ;), you can download from my site.


(Meta-Androcto) #3

anfeo, looks good so far, well done. we really need something like this :slight_smile:


(anfeo) #4

Tanks Meta-Androcto.
For now it can’t be used in large scene with lots of object, I have to repairs this bug.


(SHABA1) #5

How close is this to being actually released. I could use it.


(Sackadoo) #6

Hi anfeo,

Excellent! I’ve been wanting this functionality for quite some time. I have it installed and I’ll test it out over the next while.

Is it possible to do something similar for bone layers? I’ve always thought that would be a handy feature, too.


(midan) #7

I have been waiting for it for a long time. You could do also layer colour, merging object from one layer to another, selecting all objects in layer by one click. You can see how the layer manager looks in 3ds max and make similiar functionality in your layer manager


(HiRes) #8

it seems to work fine…

For now it can’t be used in large scene with lots of object, I have to repairs this bug.

why not?


(anfeo) #9

x rontarrant: yes, I have some idea for the bone layer :wink:

x midan: the select tool its ready, see the next step for the other function

x HiRes: I’ve fix that. The problem was the continue control on all the objects in scene every time you move the mouse on the panel.

I’ve released the new version:

Next step:

  • change the visualization button, let only one similar to default button (with gray and yellow point)
  • add a check box to hide option button at left of the Layer Name
  • object merge button (move select object on the the layer where the button are pressed)

(HiRes) #10

ok… i’ll try the new one.
thank you very much!


(anfeo) #11

new version:

next step are the bones layers :smiley:


(JordiArt) #12

Good work here anfeo, thanks for the efforts. Now the only true limit it´s at 20 layers, which in most cases is enought anyway.


(Sackadoo) #13

Three days and Layer Manager is running smooth. Definitely got my vote.

Glad to hear about the bone layers manager.

I’m very grateful, anfeo.

EDIT: I installed the new version (v. 0.7) and only half the layers are listed. Also, Preferences -> Addons reports it as v 0.6; I’ve gone back to v 0.5


(huzik) #14

Hi! You do a great work! New layer management is strongly needed in Blender. I have some proposals:

  1. It may be useful to keep layer number. E.g. in layer name field: Car_Wheels (1), Car_body (2). Or you can type number before the name field: 1:|name field|. Because when user presses [M], he still needs to type layer number.
  2. Why not to make layer manager as an independent panel, like 3d viewports, outliner, etc.? Keeping [N] panel always on eats working space. And [T] and [N] panels are so… messy. I’s not very user-friendly to constantly scroll up and down theese panels.
  3. The feature with copying one object to different layers makes me crazy. I think, one object must be placed only in one layer.
  4. “Select all the objects in this layer” arrow must be like a button, not a trigger. I mean, it doesnt’t have to be still highlighted, when the selection is done. Because now I press it. It becomes white. Then I deselect all in the viewport, but the arrow is still white.

Anyway, I like you work and will use this tool!


(marcoG_ita) #15

Complimenti bravissimo, great addon!



(anfeo) #16

@rontarrant : you need to uninstall the previous version to work, if you read 0.6 it’s only my mistake, but the version is the 0.7. For your problem, can you do a screenshot of the view and of the console? Tanks :smiley:


  1. good idea
    2)you can split out a 3dview like a window, press shift when you drag on the left corner of the 3dview are. Then you adjust the size and close all the other function in the N panel. When you have only the layer panel in good view, save the user setting.
    3)yes, it’s a problem that will solve.
    4)Do you think that it’s more useful have a still arrow?

(huzik) #17
  1. Maybe I’ve understood you incorrectly, but yes, arrow icon is intuitive. The only problem with it - that it remains to be highlighted, when the objects are already deselected.
  2. And one more thing - the green tick. As I understood, it shows the latest activated layer. Is it really needed?

(anfeo) #18

4)The select operator don’t update the state if you don’t press (and active) it. In early versions it was a control every time on all object in scene (if you have a lot of object it take a lot of CPU usage). So I preferred eliminate that control and than it don’t take count of the selection that you made on scene (like pressing A).
5) Sincerely I don’t know :D, but I think that you should know in what level you are working (ex: when you add an object in scene)


(anfeo) #19

This is the most stable version:

On the blog post you can find the instructions to use the script.

Now I’m searching for the bones layers, but I can’t find a properties that say if the bone layer are used.


(paulhart2) #20

I appreciate your layers tool. I use other software tools, migrating more to Blender and good layer management has always been a short area in Blender. I appreciate the little button that tells me if a layer is “occupied.” Finding ways of keeping track of what is on what layer is the helpful with most any project. I wish the outliner was more functional. The only way to see which layer an object is on currently, is to select it, press the M (to move it to a Layer) and note where it says it is currently. Thank you again for your contribution.