[addon] LeoMoon LightStudio beta for 2.8x

Here is what we’ve been cooking up at LeoMoon Studios. Introducing Light Studio Plugin for Blender.

Based on a prototype by Maciek Ptaszynski and inspired by KeyShot.

More info coming soon.


This is nice !

The Addon will be free or on the market ?

It will be GPL on Github. Can someone help me submitting this and another plugin to be included with Blender? I hate doing paperwork. :smiley:





Can you reveal what kind of features are you talking about? Any release notes?
Love this addon.

  • This is now a plugin and you don’t need to import anything.
  • You don’t need to setup the layout. Just press a button.
  • There is now a panel instead of selecting lights in 3D.
  • You can have unlimited number of lights instead of 10.
  • You can toggle lights or only show the selected light to see it’s influence.
  • You can not delete a light. accidentally anymore. You use the delete light button.

I think overall it’s now easier to use. I have a few more features that I wanna add later but I’ll release it as is to get feedback. I’ll post the download link soon. I’m doing final tests.

Congrats on nice progression. Hope to see it soon.
Thanks :slight_smile: … and all in good spirit of sharing.

Yea, it will be GPL also so people can improve it even more.

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I Know its BLight and not blight, but just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That said, plugin looks awesome :slight_smile:

Here is a demo using the same watch model by Maciek Ptaszynski:

You can get the plugin over at Github:

Direct link to the latest build:

very cool job!!!

Yes very cool !

I don’t know wy but the exr maps doesn’t seems to work on my blender.

With HDR maps it’s working fine !
Well job, it is really nice !

Awesome that it works. :smiley:

I think it only works on 2.72+.

I’ll be adding more features over time and post them here when they are ready. It’s still not what I want yet.

I’m on Blender 2.75.2.

Yes this is really nice and very Usefull, I really like it, well done :wink:

Little Render with your Addon.

I got this error. Could you help me? :frowning:

What version of Blender are you using?

2.75a here. I downloaded the script twice, tried to install a couple of times and always get these errors.

Double post.