[ADDON] MCprep for Minecraft Workflow


This is an addon I started working on over the summer, and have returned back to as I’m working on another time-constrained project. This is also my first time trying to develop for blender’s interface, so it has been a huge learning process as well. The purpose is to increase the workflow of making Minecraft animations, explained in the ways below:

A little bird told me to use github, so the most recent stable ‘release’ will be available below:

Character Spawning:

  • Press of a button to add a rigged mob/character into your scene!
  • Mobs are built into the addon, no extra downloads or file moving.

World imports:

  • [made to work on minecraft worlds exported and imported to blender using the java jMC2Obj program]
  • Automatically setup materials in desired way (library linking and hard coded better materials)
  • Automatically import/place 3D models for “special” blocks
  • Replace planar objects like grass, flowers, etc. with 3D model counterparts
  • In case of grass/leaves, automatically setup “wavy motion” animation via
  • For special cases like torches and [on] Redstone Lamps, automatically library link group of object with lamps
  • In case of torches, properly rotate/place on walls or floor, and add randomization to the seed of the particle system of the imported group, so that all torches don’t look the same


So the above is a rough description of the goals targeted for the addon, below I will keep the most up to date video demoing the addon with a sample assets library:

Demo Video of Character Spawning

Demo Video of materials and meshswapping:

This video shows the first time I used the WIP version, simple case of setting up materials and mesh swapping for the tall grass:

The addon comes with some free 3D models assets for use with meshswapping, for which there will be more in the future! I’m continuing to update this addon and develop more features so check back here or the GitHub page in the future.

A big update, everything that is implemented works and is quite stable from what I have tested. See the github repo for most up to date instructions and descriptions.

Hey! Thanks, with this and your (AMAZING) minecraft rigs, I might finally come to make that minecraft animation that has been brewing for months now.

Thanks, glad you like it! Recently released it such that another exporter called Mineways works, though I still prefer jmc2obj.

Thank you for this great tool sir! I use jMc2Obj a lot and it always annoyed me that I had to change the texture settings for every material manually :stuck_out_tongue:

New update out, the addon now supports cycles material generation!

Glad you found it useful Louis, I was the same way that’s why I had to make this thing :slight_smile:

Version 2.1.2 actually released a few weeks ago, but I’m sharing it again here too!

Great improvement to the rig spawning tools, this is some advanced high level features that work well in even non-minecraft related projects.

(Also, this addon was featured on blendernation!)