[Addon] Mouse Click Merge


I wrote new blender’s add-on.
This add-on can merge nearest neighbor vertex by mouse clicking.
This add-on is made inspired by modeling tool ‘Metasequoia’.


Here is usage.

  • Click ‘Start Merge Tool’ on right side menu on “View 3D” which can be opened by ‘N’ key.
  • Left click a vertex which will be merged.
  • Left click + Right click simultaneously to nearest neighbor vertex.
  • Click ‘Stop Merge Tool’ to finish this tool.

Also, I made tutorial video.

Here is support page.



Any problems, comments and proposals are welcome.

isn’t this the same as enabling Automerge feature and snapping to verts?

yes, this addon has almost same features you mentioned.

Actually, this plugin focuses on merging vertex by only “1 click”.
This feature is required by many metasequoia users.

thanks for making it. I was in the process of making this type of merge. I hate that blender doesn’t have it built in by default. doing it with one click is what is important.

Thanks for your comment.
This plugin isn’t complete version now.
So, I will improve this plugin.

Version 0.2 released.

New feature

  1. Support “Merge Type”.
  2. Support “Merge with UV”.

Tutorial video

Version 0.3 released.

New feature is added to this version.

  1. Flip Diagonal
  2. Add shortcut key for starting/stopping operation


Tutorial Video


Thank. it’s very useful

Thank you!!

Thank. it’s very useful!