ADDON: Move the UV from the 3D view

So i’ve start this addon today, it allow the possibility to adjust the UV coordinate from the 3D view.
Because it painfull to search every time where are this vertices in the UV editor.

It can be usefull for small adjustement, there’s no falloff editing yet but will be probaly added.
Any comment??

I was curious so I watched - very nice, it lends for a real time adjustment in the 3d view, and I believe this was something that has been asked for several times before :slight_smile: Very nice work, the idea to be able to adjust the image in relation to the mesh is a good one!

I think do want

Ok thanks, so I will work for make it better.

Thank you, I look forward to seeing your progress!

I dont know if it is at all related but theres this feature in max maya that lets you set the uv layout then edit the mesh called preserve uvs.

That looks like the opposite, where they are moving geometry but freezing uv position in 3d view

Yes I was just bringing it up as it may be a useful addition that may be easily added that op may not have known about. Or maybe not, I dont understand in ins and outs of coding. but now seemed to logical time to bring it up.

It to different technic, my one can be done as a addon and the second have to be hard coded, and it will be really harder to do. But why not…

actually you can use my addon for that too.
You move you geometry and after you use the addon to move the texture in the same place

very useful for a few tweaks, is there a link for test?
i´m also interested in your patch for image backgroud, very useful to have rotation and always show options. Any chance to make into trunk?

Simply copy this in a text file, i name it ‘’, copy it in addon folder, go user preferences >> paint >> move UV.
Go in edit mode select your vertices and alt + rightmouse button and move
For the patch a dev look it forward, maybe it will trunckified!!!

did that^ doesnt show up in either paint or 3d view addon preferences. using 2.63a

EDIT I got in installed but cant tick it.

EDIT Im working on it. maybe error on my part

EDIT got it working, didnt copy correctly

i have to try.
very interesting add-on

Go in edit mode select your vertices and alt + rightmouse button and move

This selects an edgeloop. I cannot figure it out how to make it work.

update, make it faster really.

@mrjynx: yes i anderstand, it because I work whith left clic for selecting.
When you want you can change the script for you:
line 72
kmi =“view3d.move_uv”, ‘RIGHTMOUSE’, ‘PRESS’, alt=True)
kmi =“view3d.move_uv”, ‘LEFTMOUSE’, ‘PRESS’, alt=True)
line 112
if event.type == 'RIGHTMOUSE’and event.value == ‘RELEASE’:
if event.type == 'LEFTMOUSE’and event.value == ‘RELEASE’:

I have no idea what im doing. changed line 72 still same.

so youre saying that you had blender set up differently and alt+rightmousebutton should have been alt+leftmousebutton?
and in order for it to work for everybody they need to change line 72.

I think your description is leaving room for error and i am making the errors.

no instead the firs line you write the second one.
Wait i make it for you

so it scould work with alt + leftmouse

Great! That is exactly what I had in mind! Congratulations!