ADDON: Move the UV from the 3D view

oh I see I didnt notice I had to change other lines. is a bit difficult to do without python editor, lines are not numbered.

Thanks for the help.

okay. I finally got it figured out. I select a point, hold alt & right mouse button then drag and uv will move under point.
a lot of clean up, add poll function now it only work in editmode

Hi, It sure is an amazing add-on!! Unfortunately I couldn’t install it yet. I saved as you said how to do, but it isn’t listing at the add-on list.

The copy pasting probably didnt preserve the indentations. thats what happened to me this morning. try again but select from the bottom up, when u paste to a txt it should look like neat spaced lines, not jumbled together.

Strange… it still not working. Here is a printscreen:

you know it comes up under paint addons not 3d view addons right?

here is the file, only to download and place in addon folder:

^^ Its still backwards compared the the default way of selecting. the normal user would have to switch default selection from right to left to use it.

I wil include a test to know which key configuration user have, and change it automatically.


Thanks for this useful add-on. :slight_smile:

This looks great! I think this would make a lot of sense as an additional selection-mode, alongside vert, edge and face. Then you don’t need extra tools, you just select geometry in UV mode and move/scale/rotate it, or use tools like relax or slide!

edit: Made a quick mockup to show what I mean

This way, if you have both verts and uv selected the uv’s move with your mesh. If you only have verts selected, the uv’s stay in place while the geometry moves.

It seems a different edit mode (UV edit mode) instead of a different selection mode.

Thank you very much, i just tested after seeing your youtube video in the opening post and i find it very usefull to adjust the texture on the model quickly and easily.

Brillant addon !


This very nice addon apparently has been broken by Blender in SVN.
Up to 2.65 it worked, but i just tried it in a recent buildbot version and you can’t even enable it anymore.

I remember several addons were broken by a change from devs after the 2.65 release, could be it or not as i don’t know anything regarding python :

Yes you’re right. I don’t know yet how solve that but I have a work around.
In blender, have a script area, open that script and run it in the area.
It work.
I would like to change the shirt cut from Alt + LMB to alt + G, it will allow to
constraint X, Y axis and use shift key to make the movement slower.
Are you agree with that.

Thank you, it indeed works when copy/pasted and ran from the text editor in Blender.

For the ALT+G , i think it is a good idea, the ALT+RMB may feel more intuitive, but if ALT+G allow for more functionnality, it is better.

Figured out!!
Alt + g, is now the new short cut, I will work to add the new fonctionnality later

Very nice, i gave a try with the copy to clipboard function and replaced the original code in and it works.

Something that i think is not intuitive is that you validate your uv move by a right click (i’m using the default Blender keymap) .

Validating with the right click instead of a left click is very different in comparison to other Blender function in edit mode.
By example if i select a vertices and press G to move that vertice, if i then right click (or press ESC) it will undo my vertice move, only if i left click i validate it (or press ENTER)

Ok, for the short cut, I will take a look.
Have you try to activate the addon, it should work.