[Addon] Multibake

Hi, Blenderheads. Just finished little addon, that alows you to bake multiple objects (with Cycles) with individual maps and settings on per-object basis with a single click.
Key features:

  • Auto single user for object data and materials.
  • Auto modifiers applying
  • Automatic UV generation (smart projection)
  • Automatic image creation and saving
  • Automatic emission shader + bake map setup
  • Per-object map size and render samples settings

Link to download:

My e-mail:
[email protected]

Introduction video

You need to add an option to choose the baking type.

Other than that, this is good! Simple, fast to use. And automatic image node creation is amazing.
Keep it up!

Yeah, it was designed specially for baking environments into multiple maps and stay as simple as posible to setup. Kinda “one click solution”

Thank you.