[Addon] New Release, F-Screen for Blender 2.8 ( JOKE inside)

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Your add-on needs minimum couple thousands of quality Python code lines (without the comment blocks) for being a commercial candidate for a $15 charge. As of now it is a good start. I say keep crushing the bugs and add new features.

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As you might know, I am a Blender addon addict. And therefore collecting addons for Blender. I noticed past weeks it’s getting a bit harder to find free addons. This only because the amount of paid addons is getting bigger.

Ofcourse developers should get rewarded for their hard work. We know that just asking for donation probably doesn’t work. We’ve seen that with the Manual Bastioni LAB, and I see it now also on my own website where I offer an overview of free blender addons. There is a donation button there but literally no-one clicks on it. (One Exception, but that was for a particular reason).

What I think what is a good idea for addon-developers is to provide a free and a paid version. That way Blender users can still browse, watch every thread, every website and benefit. And if they want more, it’s also possible with a little contribution. To me this sound fair.

But eh, full screen? Is that “Toggle Window Fullscreen”? I will try it out.


So is this an addon that saves me the trouble of pressing ctrl+spacebar? (or shift + space in 2.79?)

exactly, what a fear ! :frowning:
Scripts have been made in the past by passionate people who want to participate and explore the potential of Blender, OUR free application to produce 3D contents …

I think the discussion is all about how to reward people who gave their time to offer better toolset or features.
I would agree that spending time over a thousand of line of code is fair enough, but selling is against the concept of open source and community progress.
As you may know, i am used to produce python scripts, than for most of them, get around 5000 lines, so i ma not new in this topic, but i did respect the community and the main coders that have been supported blender for at least 20 years. and my script were always free to get feedbacks and also, to make people happy, that the reward i am looking for. also, i have a job, producing 3D contents in our office, exploring the capabilities of blender and sharing with all…

i receive blender for free, thanks to everyone, i give it back with my scripts :wink:

apart of my today joke, i really want to get this discussion with the community, the market was, primary a good idea, but after month, it looks like any small updates of existing features are going commercial, thats so sad.

i would look at how we can reward people for their spirit, and for their collab… more than just a couple of dollars… wich is useless, somewhere… no one will get some interesting input with this, just a little money that actually block people to learn code and access new features… really, that is not the direction we want, right ?

looking forward to people with good idea and vision :wink:

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15$ that’s a steal! You should sell this for at least 299$ to be able to buy that second Ferrari! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joke apart i understand your point of view and i am also sad to see some devs stealing idea from others and selling it for a price.

Money corrupt everything and unfortunately our system will have to collapse for any real change to happen and if this occur then we will not be doing 3D anymore in such a world.

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C’mon even you need some money to release “free” scripts, so being paid by your office to do so is great, but don’t spit in the soup as in the end of the day you’re eating the same soup as lazy devs.

Are you not using those addons to create the 3d assets you sell ?

Are you not making a living yourself from teaching about those addons, not even talking about encourage students to not pay to sustain dev - even when free versions are available ??

Releasing some amateurish 5 lines toys dosen’t grant you the right to ask professionals coders to work for free for you !

Quoting yourself
“This script is completely FREE, it comes from an other addon that i developp for our office, including photogrammetry toolset and reconstruction process (but i cannot publish it due to internal license)”

“but selling is against the concept of open source” is completely wrong, GNU fundation even encourage to sell, so projects are sustainable.

i dont ask pro coders to work for nothing, i am looking for an other typo of reward than just a couple of $, the obsession for money making is a pain within the community… we can do better, for sure

that was a kind of joke to unveil the responsability of everyone, about the progress and learning purpose, that (i think), everyone get the right to access. Apart from this, i usually release large scripts :wink:

thanks for your comment anyway

I wish I had a time machine so I could send you back to Soviet Russia. Sure you´d love it! :slight_smile:


I would like to make a correction about your perception of charging for add-ons because you seem to generalize way too broadly.

Everyone has their reason for charging for their products, one of them, like you, to make a loootttt off moneeeeeey, big money.

However my reasoning is much more benign, I charge for the add-ons so that I actually sit down and make something that is more professional than just slapping some code together to get what I need for myself.

Charged add-ons are actually good for buying users, because they can also ask for support. So you are not just paying for the add-on, you are paying for future fixes and future support needs. In reality most add-on developers do not even make enough to give support but we do it anyway, maybe because we like to support the community?

The add-on devs are not just spending time on developing the add-on, they also end up spending a lot of time on giving support, adding new features and fixing the bugs.


so why dividing the users between those who can pay and those who cannot ? that what i am questioning…
better getting a complete feedback and reword from users than just a small portion of the community and keep the addon private… it looks like this, especialy when it comes to hundreads of addons…

about support, i know by experience that there is no need more than a documentation and some demo videos… no more… is that worse a payment ? personnaly, i am not sure…
again, better to show a collaborative aspect of dev than private , when it is possible… that is just my point of view, of course, and this addon was to call the community on this discussion, How to reward people who share their code ? looking forward…

God forbid someone get paid for their valuable time. If you look at the sales numbers on Blender Market you’ll see that these developers aren’t even making a living wage with their addons. I’ve made some free addons which were just things that I needed at the time and sped up my work. People ask me for a change or an bugfix, and sometimes those come quickly, sometimes they don’t. That’s because I have a job and have to feed my family first and foremost. I ask @MACHIN3 for a bugfix, and I get it quickly. I ask a question, it gets answered. It is completely worth the money to get a rapid response.

I can create everything that I make with paid addons using vanilla Blender. It just takes more time. The vast majority of addons are scripts, which means the core abilities are built into Blender. I can rebuild bevels without MeshMachine. I can move objects without snapping, but I prefer to use SnapUtilities.

The one and only addon I can think of that can’t be reproduced without the addon is Flip Fluids. Much of it is compiled. But for the sake of all that is holy, it is only $76 US! Phoenix FD is $800. Real Flow is $1300.

You could probably add up all of the paid addons available and not even come close to the price of Real Flow, much less Maya or Max.

I get paid real money to make graphics using free software. Why can’t a developer get paid to make addons using free software? What is wrong with you people who want the folks who spend time on the level of these developers to starve and not be able to pay their rent?

You have one of the most powerful DCCs at your fingertips for free and still you want more. How about a free car or house? Here take mine. Forget that I spent countless hours over the last two years to buy those. Just take them.


T’es vraiment à côté de la plaque comme gars c’est ouf !

You compare making addons from scratch and stealing an existing addon, lol!
Using the python API must state that the addon must be free?

You are delusional and hypocrite!
You make money with Blender but don’t want other people to do the same?
You steal paid addons and give them to your student because you think all addons must be free?
Seriously, people like you are the worst of the community!

Most of Addon’s devs have several free addons for one paid addon.
What do you say about that?

You don’t care, everything must be free, I’m paid, don’t care for others because it’s not the Blender spirit!
You, like all the blender devs are paid to make Blender, people help for free on their free time, some other needs to eat so they make addons, tutorials, etc and just because you don’t like it, you steal their work?

Continue like that with this shitty spirit and you will not have any new paid addon and even less free addons!
I really don’t want to make free addons for people like you, you don’t deserve it, I dislike people making money on the back of other people!


hello, :slight_smile: i did modify the post as it was offending some people, obviously because they sell addons… well, thats fair !

my point, as i defend it… is that the feeling to participate to a community is going away with this !
yes, i am proud to be a part of this community from a certain amount of time, because we were sharing most of the scripts and helping each other… very different from other softwares and communities.
That was making a huge difference, and it was promoted as this from the beginning, i am sad if it changes.

We are most of us here, because we make 3D contents, right ? and we are helping each other to become better and better, right ? because we are or we want to be a part of this industry.

Scripts are a beautiful oportunity to discover the internal structure of blender, and it is nice to share it and make people competent in their job. i dont see really the point to buy/sell a script, because the features are existing, it is mostly a shortcut. and it can help beginners to access feature in a better way…

Well, i hope you did understand the joke, even if the script is a part of a bigger one that i am working on…
and to clear this joke… the addon will NEVER be a commercial one :slight_smile:

so why dividing the users between those who can pay and those who cannot ? that what i am questioning…

No one is dividing anything or segregating any group of users, unpaid users still get the same level of support, with the help of paid users.

about support, i know by experience that there is no need more than a documentation and some demo videos… no more… is that worse a payment ? personnaly, i am not sure…

Documentation is not support. Support also includes future fixes, feature requests, API updates etc.

You are ridiculous and so wrong in your way of thinking!

but, this the normal work for developpers, no ? you create a script and you do update it as you want, or an other person will do it ! it was always like this… nothing special here.
the pact that people pay or not will not change this… if i pay for your addon, what guaranty i have that you will always update it ? none for sure… you are free to leave the dev at any moment, or in worth case (you know what i mean), there is no one to replace you… so what ? do you think i will call the justice because i dont have my promising update ? sure not again…

the discussion can be state as this… i am proposing a discussion on “how to reward people for their participation and their collaboration…more than money ?” if people feel bad about the fact that it is true, what else…

i like to think out of the box …
but please, stay polite… we are on a public forum, and i do not say bad thing… i am not the only one to think that it is abusing people, that selling scripts will divide the community if we dont find an alternative to the financial rewarding :wink:

And I know from experience that it’s just the opposite,
because most people don’t watch the doc and fast-track the videos.
You’ll have to stop comparing the fact of putting an operator in an operator (which by the way is useless, you could directly call the operator from your layout) and an addon that have more than 5000 lines.
In one of the two cases, we cannot speak of “support”. In the other, it takes time, as well as maintaining, updating and evolving this addon.

oups, sorry, not for you kkar, it’s for uriel ^^