[Addon] Noevu Batch Bake - Essential Baking Toolset with Texture Denoising ($)


Introducing Noevu Batch Bake - The ultimate addon for any game designer! Easily create stunning lightmaps for your game in half the time! Conveniently integrated directly into Blender 3D.

About Path Tracing:
To make computer graphics looks realistic you need to physically simulate the light. Path tracing naturally simulates many effects of the light such as soft shadows, depth of field, motion blur, caustics, ambient occlusion, and indirect lighting. However, this process tends to take a lot of time, since it requires many samples in order to have a realistic result. Even with many samples the user can often still run into the issue of “noise”.

Why you need this addon:
Noise ruins the realism of your work, defeating the purpose of path tracing.

When baking, even with a higher sample count there is only slight improvement. It is not worth taking more of your valuable time with only mediocre result!

Thankfully, now you can use the Batch Bake Blender Addon with Texture Denoising feature.

About Lightmaps:
Many great games and simulations are optimized best by pre-computing this light simulation before the run-time, this process is called light map “bake”. Some games are simply too slow when computing the lighting at run-time, and require very expensive hardware to run affecting sales and making them impossible to run on mobile devices.

However, even with baking, we still have the “noise” problem, and applying simple 2D image filters for light map textures does not work for many reasons. For example, it will ignore things like adjacent faces, edges, normals, difference of shapes between faces and other features of the 3D mesh.

Noevu Batch Bake Is the ultimate solution for all of these problems! The Denoise option on it enables a texture noise reduction that considers the mesh geometry and gets rid of the unwanted noise.

Save days of work in seconds:
Get Noevu Batch Bake Blender Addon and Noevu Texture Tool

And it can do even more! check out the other features:


  • Bake Denoiser: uses a high performance mesh texture denoising solution ( noise reduction filter / denoise )
  • Wrap Borders: Create wraparound margins solving artifacts near mesh edges
  • Automatic POT (Power Of Two) Resolution: Set texture resolution to appropriate POT using object surface area
  • Pixel Perfect Pack UV Mapping: Blender’s built-in “Snap To Pixels” can cause errors on small margins, instead, this Lightmap Pack based operator generates pixel aligned UV Maps with pixel precision margins
  • Per Job render engine: Allow user to specify which render engine should be used per job, preventing unexpected results
  • Per Pass enabled layers: Allow user to specify layers that should be enabled at baking pass, preventing unexpected results
  • Per Job or Object Automatic/Manual Texture Resolution settings
  • Per Job or Object Automatic/Manual UV Mapping settings
  • Per Object Target Group: Per object “bake selected to active” using objects group (allow specify ray distance and cage too)
  • Automatically change bounces when only using direct light to get the same results in less time
  • After Bake Auto-Save: Save a .blend file on temporary folder after baking

Have a question? Feel free to mail Noevu support(at)noevu(dot)com.


  • Very easy to install, a small guide will be automatically sent to your e-mail.
  • Lightweight, does not affect Blender performance when not used.
  • Batch Bake are GPLv3 licensed (you can customize it if needed)
  • The denoising feature spawns a separated software for high performance texture denoising, supporting Windows 7/8/10 x64, macOS Sierra+ and Linux x64 (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Certified), simple installation by pressing “Download and Install Recomended Texture Tool” and filling two fields at add-ons preferences, by purchasing Batch Bake you earn a 3-computers-limited usage license

Made using old Batch Bake (updated version coming soon):

See it live at: vcasagrande.com

Available now on: https://gum.co/noevu-batch-bake

Act now and enjoy the alpha version special discount!

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Denoising Lightmap Textures - Demo

This video demonstrates the Texture Tool Denoiser and Border Wrapper and how to use it in Batch Bake without having to bake the objects again, allowing quick adjustments on denoiser settings (video without cuts).

Cant wait to try this out! Looks very useful.

Price Updated: $11.95
Available now on: https://noevu.com

I made a quick animation loop using the OpenGL Render and Batch Bake, I hope you like it :wink:

I also updated the site, adding a “Usage Example” section:

Hi vcasagrande,

This tool looks great, I’ve just purchased it but I’m stuck on the External Texture Tool path section in the settings.
It’s asking for an “Order ID” but I have no idea what this is? I’ve looked on Gumroad and in my email that was sent but can’t see anything that’s refereed to as an order ID? Any help would be great.




Hi James, I just received the notification from the BlenderArtists.

We have solved this by email before, but if someone has a problem finding your ID, it may be that the message is in the spam box.

Noevu Batch Bake is now on the Blendermarket!

New feature coming soon: Animated Texture Baking


  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed issue related to non-EXR texture denoising
  • Object list automatically select the current active object, making easier to reveal objects and edit settings
  • Faster workflow: Adding a job will automatically add the selected objects to bake and a bake pass
  • Texture Sequence Bake: Allow bake textures using scene animation or specific frames

New features coming soon:

  • PBR Textures Baking (Metallic and Specular workflows) with presets for Eevee, Unity and Unreal Engine
  • Improved Atlas Mode
  • Denoiser and Border Wrapper performance optimizations

Have you considered posting in here? http://polycount.com/discussion/72805/blender-mega-thread
Polycount is a game artist forum, so I’d assume there will be at least some interest in your addon.

Hello, Mighty Pea
Thank you for the tip, I’ll post as soon as the new features are ready

When selecting EXR it will output an EXR but it doesn’t store 32bit data, it’s just saving out 8bit data in an EXR format.
Can this be fixed?

It’s was already fixed, you have to disable the “Pack Output” option and choose an “Output Path” to save it directly in EXR, the add-on always try to select the max color depth available.

But I will investigate it, the notification of the forum may take a while to be sent, so please use the support link on the Blender Market or the support email.

Ok, I will try that, When you output an EXR and a PNG what are the file sizes you get? Because the EXR should be a whole lot bigger.

Quite an amazing tool! Would it be possible to add a progress bar or something to show that blender didn’t crash? Is it possible to cancel the bake mid render?

Just purchased from BlenderMarket and haven’t received the guide yet…

I previously used the Texture Atlas addon – is there a way I can bake multiple objects to one lightmap? Currently an image per object is created.

Looks like this addon could be a timesaver.

Hello ckat, It’s a planned feature, Blender API doesn’t allow that, but maybe we can do this with a background subprocess

Hello secundar, the guide is on the Blender Market page, we don’t have a tutorial yet.

You can use the “Target Group” feature to bake multiple objects into one, currently it does not have atlas bake mode.