[Addon] Noevu Batch Bake - Essential Baking Toolset with Texture Denoising ($)

Thanks, I see it now.

Could I use your denoiser on a map not baked through your addon?

This is my current process:

  1. Select objects and create atlas using Texture Atlas add-on
  2. Create new image map (2048x2048); add (unconnected) image node to all materials
  3. Sampling: Pretty low for testing (12)
  4. Bake
  5. Denoise using GIMP smart blur or G’Mic Ian’s Fast Denoiser

Yes, you can, it has a separated operator just for denoise

  1. If it is an atlas, merge the objects
  2. Add to Batch Bake
  3. Place the EXR texture on the “Output Path” configured on Batch Bake
  4. Rename the texture file to match the same name generated from Batch Bake
  5. Press space and search for “denoise”, select it

You can also run the textool from CMD, like (the object should be an OBJ and texture EXR):

cd "%APPDATA%\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\render_batchbake\textool"
noevutextool-win32.exe denoise object.obj input.exr output.exr 3 1 8 0.02

Hi, @vcasagrande thanks for the useful addon.
Are you planning to make an update for 2.8?
Seems that it already works, but some problem with UI - I can’t achieve “Bake” button.

I bought your product -
I installed it, but when I fill out the form to download the texture, I get an error in the blender and there is no download. Can you help me? https://i.imgur.com/QTrs3JE.png

Hi! Thank you for buying the Batch Bake, this feature is working fine here.

I’ve just answered you by the blender market support, and will send a link to download it directly.

Hello, thank you for the feedback!

Currently it does not work with 2.8, some APIs has changed, but the support for Blender 2.8 is planned, I’m just waiting for a stable release (even if I make it works now, it will probably just work for a while since the API can change a lot on experimental releases).

I still do not see the link for download directly! You just write that I can somehow get around this problem, but I do not understand. Can you just give a link to the file? In the Blender Market, I sent you my order number and email. Or just send it to me …

Hello I’ve sent you the download link, you just used the wrong link (copied and pasted just part of the link).

Here is a video of how to use the addon after installed:

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I also purchased this product. I also have the same error as KoksKaribsky. I requested support in Blender Market on June 12, still waiting on reply. If you do have a solution why can’t you post it on the market?

UPDATE: Alright! finally got a response from the author. He replied to my request for support at Blender Market.
Here is his response and I quote:

“Sorry, wat?”

I assumed he wanted a clearer explanation so when I went to reply, the add-on had been removed from Blender Market. WTH right? I suspect I will never get a working add-on. I see its still going on gumroad, BEWARE.

As soon as possible I will do an update that will handle more specific cases, please notice this issue only affects the denoising feature.

I’m sorry, I wish I could offer you a better support, as soon as I saw your message months ago, I asked if there could be a refund in your case, even though I knew the product was partially working, since I would not have time solve it. I understand that improvements can be made but please understand that it was something unexpected, as you can see other people are using the product.

Also, I tested it again and again on my computer on multiple operating systems, and the setup worked fine without problems.

Hi, I have been trying to reach you on your support email "[email protected]" and you seems to be ignoring me… I purchased your plugin recently in order to use the lightmap denoise function but the download link for the texture tool is not working at all… as many others have pointed out. Can you provide me with the link to download the texture tool?

hi there, i figure this would possibly be a more direct way to contact the author.

this plugin works quite well, but i have a specific issue i am wondering about if its possible to address…

atlas textures + atlas construction ,

i have some scenes with objects with many many materials, i would love to bake them all to a single texture atlas , you have a nice tool for texture atlas unwrap but i dont see any real way to reconstruct all the disparate textures that are created per material , i tried to do so with texture nodes , but the denoise image also does not include an alpha layer somehow? any tips on how to get this to work would be much appreciated.