[Addon] Non destructive modelling - snapshot Meshes


Sometimes I do not feel confident in the mesh about some changes and I thought it would be great if I have a mesh data historical, so I have created it. It saves the status of a mesh for a non destructive modelling. You can collect the status and continue with your work. If you need at some point return back to it, just select the name and click on the proper button.

You can download from here.

Again, I am not programmer and it duplicate mesh data and create some objects needed for its purpose… so… if something is going wrong, let me know.

here is an explanation video:


Great idea :wink:

I always duplicate my meshes too, it will be very usefull !

Thanks :).
If you find any bug, please, let me know.

This is a brilliant workflow addition, this would allow building iterations of models so much easier! Giving us the power to experiment more, and do so efficiently, great work!

WOW! a huge thank u @Vertigos its a brillant Addon and help me very much

love this, thanks so much!

Wonderful, thanks. I always missed this kind of functionality from Blender (I came from 3ds Max).

Something like this should be in trunk. My last layer is always so full of objects at various stages of completion that it’s hard to find what I actually need whenever I go go back.

Hey Vertigos,
Cool looking script!

I just got an idea of where this script could be super useful.

You know how Undo in Blender is not action-related, but Mode-related. So if you do some stuff in Edit Mode or Sculpt Mode, then go to Object Mode and undo, you undo all the changes from before entering that specific Mode. I have lost quite a bit of work due to this on number of occasions.

I was wondering if we could use this script to create a meshSnapshot with an “undo_” suffix any time undo (or ctrl+z that we will remap) is called from Object Mode. How do you feel about this, and would you be interested in adding this as an option?

Hi OrAngE,

thanks for your words.
Your idea is really nice :). I do not know if I could do any action before undo. What I could do for sure is register the “create an snapshot” action within the historic and then, if that happen, after toggling to object mode and undo loose the data mesh, you will have a redo (shift + Z) and everything will come back xD.

Maybe I could create an special snapshot called “undo_” or “backup_” (and only one) which been registered when user goes to object mode. By that way you will have always a redo action “just in case”.

Anyway I will take a look to it tomorrow and I will let you know.

Hello all,

I have not been able of doing what OrAngE asked (yet). But I have added the code in order to register the operator in the undo historic and it makes harder loose the mesh data with the well known issue with undo in object mode.

You can download the new version from the same link.

I will keep trying!

Looks like a rewrite o he cubesurfer addon generating an automation that meshes the particles and converts the mesh to mesh.

After modifiers, lateral panel, finally 3dsMax Edit Mesh in Blender, ahahah …

Very handy! Got too used to work like this in Softimage with operator baised non-linear modeling. Handy!

Thanks Draise :slight_smile:

very nice work.

Fantastic addon, now I won’t have to stuff random layers full of different versions of objects.

wow… this is another amazing addon… I can already see conflicts with multiedit addon xD



I posted about something like this a couple months back, asking if there was anything like the 3dsmax “edit mesh” modifer…explaining that it was like Blender’s edit mode, except as a modifier so that you could stack changes. As I recall, I was told “this isn’t 3dsmax” without regard for how useful and simple it is, and in a certain sense, how inconceivable it is to not have it. Suggestions to work around it by using shapekeys just miss the point.

While I love Blender for what it is…there are certain things that, like the people who have migrated from 3dsmax (and apparently softimage and I’m sure others) have commented, are so difficult to imagine NOT having. This is the first step in that direction. Like someone said, something like this SHOULD be in the trunk.

I wanted to make this myself, but I suck at things like that. But…like someone above mentioned…I am working on a project, and I just realized I have about 6 layers filled of copies of objects to back up my “edit” states. That’s simply insane when it could all be contained within the object’s own data.

Thank you, Vertigo. Thank you.

PS…I haven’t used the MultiEdit add-on…so maybe there are some things I missed a while ago…

This addon is awesome. I no longer have to duplicate my mesh and move it to another layer! I have a suggestion. It would be really nice if this addon automatically created snapshots when any modifier has been applied or any major change has happened.