[Addon] One click HDRI lighting setup

Hi there,

just a quick python hack to get a basic environnement lighting with a simple click. Strength and orientation are adjustable.


Hope it helps,

Merci Nikos, Tu nous cachais bien ton jeu, gentil chenapan!
Un grand merci pour ce nouvel addon!
A l’année prochaine! :evilgrin:

and here’s how to actually use it :

ps : Hi Spirou ! Best wishes for 2016 !!

Nice idea, thanks… : -)

Nice !

Just for info, HDRI must be in EXR or HRD, never jpg, but, I think you know that ^^

Yes @Pitiwazou, you are right. Thanks for pointing this out.
While coding the thing, I am using cheap lowres jpg for faster rendering :slight_smile:

Works great Nikos, cheers!

Thanks @retrograde !
@@Spirou4D : I reviewed the code and now, everything should always be up to date. Thanks again for your contribution !

Tu devrais renommer ton script init.py n’est pas le plus adapté pour un script en un seul fichier.

Thanks Nikos_,
All is ok now.

but I have a remark, please:

  • place later the hdri_prefs in the config folder in $HOME/.config/blender/2.76/config
    It’s more proper.
  • the name must be without uppercase: hdri_lighting_shortcut
  • you must place your add-on in -> “category”: “Material”, not in “Render”.

Bye bye and thanks for your great add-on. :eyebrowlift:

Mais si Pittiwazou, c’est un addon en dossier hdri_lighting_shortcut donc init.py est tout à fait normal. il y aura d’autres fichiers de fonctions ensuite…

Hi All, and thanks for your suggestions. The script is healthier now !

Update :

  • the node setup is different whether you are using real hdri files or not
  • the interface disappears as soon as the node tree is manually removed (or when significant modifications are made)
  • the file’s name is always up-to-date

Spirou4d, I don’t know how to save the prefs in a proper location. Your path is system and version dependant :eek: any suggestion ?
Pitiwazou, I want the zip file (downloaded from github) to be directly installable in Blender.

Les paremètres ne donnent rien si je les touches sur l’interface.


Tu devrais ajouter un bouton pour supprimer la map aussi.

is it possible to have a library with clickable thumbnails of stored hdri images?
like this:

very nice addon!

Pitiwazou : merci de ton retour et d’avoir pris le temps de faire un gif ! Est-ce que tu as un message dans la console ? Je n’arrive pas à reproduire le bug. Sinon, j’ai ajouté un bouton pour supprimer la map… hehe… je n’y avais pas pensé :slight_smile:

Albertofx : Hi ! Yes, it’s possible although I have no idea how to do it :slight_smile: The add-on was just meant to be a shortcut for myself. I didn’t spend a lot of calories working on it :slight_smile:


Je t’ai répondu chez toi…A+ :slight_smile:


Hi pitiwazou,
You must remove the “-master” extension to the name of the folder before installation, please.

EDIT Nikos: you must change the name of your folder with _:

Pitiwazou, I guess I’ve been careless. I initialized the faulty variable now and it should be okay…
As far as I know, the -master thing is not an issue.