[Addon] Onyx R3 - Quick Multi-Object Origin Tools


Onyx is a plugin that lets you quickly change the origin point of any number of selected meshes to a range of useful locations, both in Object and Edit More

Under the Tools tab in the 3D View, when in Object Mode, as well as through a Pie Menu by pressing Shift+Alt+C


  • Set to Object Base
  • Set to Lowest Point
  • Set to Centre of Mass
  • Set to Vertex Group (brings up another dropdown menu to let you select the group you want to use)
  • Set to 3D Cursor

The small button next to the main dropdown lets you update the origin of all selected objects, based on their own origin preference.

The pie menu lets you access every tool in the tool shelf, including Vertex Group options. Just press Shift+Alt+C.

If you have any bugs, suggestions or feedback i’d love to hear them!

You can take ideas from Advanced align tool addon, it has already your options + more with offsets and all axis, except vertex group.



Nice work, very quick, very easy, very helpful. Thnx!!

Huh, thats cool, thanks for showing me. I want to keep the plugin relatively quick and elegant to use, but i’ll look into adding some of these features :3

In an effort to give every plugin I actively use a spruce up, this one’s currently first (Capsule, you’re next!)

Black Hole was kinda lame, and after searching through a catalogue of rock and gemstone names, ended up picking one of the most obvious names. Super.

Although this doesn’t affect the usability of the plugin at all, i’m mentioning it because refactoring sucks.

By pressing Shift+Alt+C, you can now access all of Onyx’s tools, including Vertex Group selection and Origin Updating inside a Pie Menu. The tool shelf menu is still there, but this should probably be the menu of choice from now on. This can be used in both Object and Edit Modes.

Next release I hope to include support for editing Curve Object origins, as well as the origins of other object types, as well as expanding the range of options available for quickly defining origin locations.

I say you add the ability to freely move the origin where you can just grab it and have it follow your mouse wherever it goes and apply on click.

Good helpfull work. Thanks

I may do that in the next version, i’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your addon! It works great in the tool shelves, but here are some feedbacks about the Pie menus:

  • It would be nice to set origin to active selection (vertex, face, or active object).

  • Your addon “origin to center of mass” seems to correspond to “origin to geometry” ?

  • When your object doesn’t have vertex groups, you get this:

    Maybe you can hide this pie button if you don’t have any vertex groups? Not sure if it’s possible.

  • You can’t choose the vertex group when using the pie menu, so it doesn’t really work.

  • I’m not sure if I understand the Update origins in the Pie, because you can’t choose which origin type your want. It looks like it could be removed?

-In edit mode if you set update origins, you get this error:

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

  1. This could be achieved by snapping the 3D Cursor to the geometry and setting the origin to it, or through a Vertex Group, but admittedly both are more long-winded approaches. I’ll look into it

  2. It’s the exact same function as the Center of Mass option mapped to Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C when in Object Mode.

  3. I really wanted to hide the pie option, but pie menus don’t let you “grey out” options, and removing it would change the shape of the pie which is bad for muscle memory, so I created a dud operator for when no Vertex Groups could be found which also calls a warning prompt. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best solution I found so far.

  4. You should be able to, just make sure the object you have active has at least one Vertex Group. The Vertex Group origin option will only operate on the object you have actively selected (AKA - The last object you selected if you’ve selected more than one object).

  5. When you set what kind of origin you want your objects to have using the addon, it makes a record of this. The Update Origin function simply updates the origin settings for however many objects you’ve selected, so if you’ve changed the geometry of a bunch of objects that each have their own origin requirements, this option will update them all in the original way you defined them, without having to re-define them.

  6. Thanks for the bug catch, i’ll take a look at it later today and update my GitHub page.