[Addon] PARAM Tool - Pseudo parametric modeling

PARAM Tool is a simple Blender addon for pseudo “parametric” modeling.
The addon is designed to easily create and resize primitives like in simple CAD software.

The main functions of the add-on are:

PARAM Object

  • Add PARAM object into scene.
  • PARAM Object contains Box, Cylinder, Tube, UV Sphere (more in future)

PARAM Origin

  • You can set origin of object
    X: Left ; Middle ; Right
    Y: Back ; Middle ; Front
    Z: Bottom ; Middle ; Top

  • You can also set eccentricity of origin X, Y, Z

PARAM Resize

  • Resizing PARAM objects and classic Blender meshes.
  • You can resize objects with modifiers without any problem

The BETA version will be released in mid-May 2022.

Here is link to pre-release demo video.

What do you think about this addon? It will be useful or not?


PARAM Tool Addon released today on Gumroad
Price is $5+VAT
Link: Gumroad.com - PARAM Tool

Added commercial tag.

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