[Addon] Particle Link

This is the official Thread for the ParticleLink Add-on.
Current Release Version: 1.0

The add-on offers the ability to create links/curves between particles. It is similar to bTrace / IK-Particles Link add-on. This add-on is mostly useful for Motion Graphics. The Add-on controls/options are explained in the YouTube video below:

Here is the download link:

Here is a video demo of what the add-on can do:

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Super interesting, Luca ! Thanks for sharing !
I am testing it right now and it’s a lot of fun ! :smiley:

OMG yes! Lots of possibilities here. Thank you

Can you animate bevel factor of linked curves? I was wondering if you could perform a draw function based on particle spawn? Would that segment draw be available to trigger additional functions/animation?

Yes of course you can animate the bevel factor. What exactly do you mean with “perform a draw function based on particle spawn”?

Growing the bevel along the length will affect all curves at the same time I guess? Was hoping that you could draw between particles.

You can grow the bevel between particles in the „Bezier“ curve type mode. In the “Poly“ curve type mode each connection is a separate spline so that you can color remap each connection/spline individually.

This is a lot of fun. It’s just the thing for spicing up 3D 360 renders.

:slight_smile: Thank you

thanks so much for sharing:) really fun to play with.

Would it be possible to update this add-on to create something with hair particle system?

For example to modify tip of the hair particle system, to curl some part of hair, or connect the tips of hair with each other.

Basically, to do something creatively with hair to add some new possibilities.

Could someone update the addon with Blender 3.3+?