[Addon] Path Editor

I’m working on a new addon.
It’s a path editor.
this video show how it work.



This is like an external reference manager right?
Looks very very usefull!

This should be standard built in Blender by default, would be awesome if integrated in the outliner as one of the filtering options “External files” or something.

Hi Anfeo,

I like very much your add-on to edit file paths. Personally I feel Blender needs a refactoring internal capability or tool like Blender-aid which I still use despite it hasn’t been updated for quite a long time, and your add-on does help with that. But this has much more to do with Digital Assets Management and hopefully the Gooseberry project will be able to drive the development of such a functionality integrated within the Blender framework (I know TACTIC is being currently evaluated).

So thank you again and go forward with its development.


Thank you all. If you have some request I’m here :wink:

Adding more functions from request:

New version:

Can you make it have a panel for LINKED FILES, where you can choose to change a referenced file for an other one, kill the reference, or import it (like make it editable).

that would make linking files workflow so much better!!!
thanks dude.

Yes, the next step is the library, but I think that is a job for a separate script.