[Addon] PBR Texture Bakery - Bake Cycles Materials To PBR-Textures

(danoman) #1

Hello guys,

i created this addon to improve my personal PBR texture-creation and UV-optimization workflow in Blender. It allows you to bake complex Cycles-materials to PBR textures and - if needed - onto a specific, new UV-layout (nice if you want to transfer from one UV-layout onto another one). It can bake these textures:

  • Albedo
  • Normal-Map (Tangent space)
  • Roughness
  • Metallic
  • Alpha-mask
  • Refraction-mask
  • Subsurface-scattering-mask

The resulting textures can directly be put into a PBR render-engine like UE, Unity or simply the Principled BSDF of Blender etc. It also enables you to join multiple objects into one objects and bake all textures onto one bigger texture-atlas. This is really usefull when it comes to realtime-rendering optimization…

You might want to take a closer look into the documentation to find out further details:

Hello it’s Eva - 3D model by Daniel Moczarski - Sketchfab

Automatic baked Cycles-Material To PBR-Textures - 3D model by Daniel Moczarski - Sketchfab

Mine Entry - 3D model by Daniel Moczarski - Sketchfab

Baking result of object with multiple complex Cycles materials to one UV-map, respectively, one set of PBR textures:

Please leave me some oppinions about it. If people like it, i will add further features to improve this addon.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

(greasy) #2

This alternative Substance Painter?

(danoman) #3

Well short answer is no (at least in my oppinion). The material creation process is pretty similar. Like in Substance you can create and assign as many materials or shaders to an object as you want. You are also free to mask between as many shaders inside of one material as you want to. And in addition to that you can still work with a node-editor and use further Cycles-nodes to create your material. That works definitly better than in (for example) Quixel since Quixel does not have a node-based system and it can be horribly slow …

The biggest problem is that Substance and Quixel offer you fast access to a huuuge set of great scan-based materials (… respectively textures). In Blender you have nothing like that. In my oppinion those scan-libraries are the biggest benefit of those tools … And of course the realtime PBR-Viewer. But with Blender 2.8 things will drastically change :))

(ihavenick) #4

I want to use this with ManuelLab.

So i want to ask a question before buying.
All must i do is connect the last node to shader input ?

(RyceKaeks) #5

Awesome plugin.
I have been complaining about not having the options to bake out what I need for game assets.
Have you considered making a procedural material pack to go along with this?

Also you should post this in the game engine section too.

(Harvester) #6

Hi. This add-on looks interesting. Have you seen this already?: Cycles: take into account diffuse roughness for roughness baking

(RyceKaeks) #7

@Harvester I have seen that 2.8 builds have this but currently 2.79a and 2.79b do not have this option also do to Layers being changed in 2.8 I can’t open old files in 2.8 and just bake because all you get is errors (obviously).

Also I need options for bake Albido, Metalness and SSS, these haven’t even been mentioned yet and when I tried to ask anyone who works on 2.8 they didn’t even know what they were…:confused:

(RyceKaeks) #8

Is there a way to bake to selected?

(danoman) #9

No actually not. Do you want to bake all textures from one object to another?

(RyceKaeks) #10

Yes i make game assets and i need to bake from high to low but

(BluePrintRandom) #11

have you tried baking to the high poly and hand decimating using edge slide / vertex slide and preserve UV? you can control topo and ditch vertex / edges by sliding and merging