[Addon] Perfect Shape - Shape Extrude Tool

(hophead.ninja) #1

I wrote an addon to help extrude shapes on uneven surface. It is first release and there are a few improvements to be done.
Last release: https://github.com/hophead-ninja/perfect_shape/releases/latest
After testing and corrections addon will appear in blendermarket and own store - but payment will be optionally as a contribution. There will always be free and available on github.
Blender version: 2.76+

Ps. Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

(Spirou4D) #2

Amazing job of a Master! Great congratulations, Guy! I love it.
Thanks for sharing your work so useful! :cool:
I can’t send you money now but it’s a amazing tool! You deserve a lot of admirers!

(Arcan) #3

Wow, this is really neat. Thank you for sharing is. Keep up the great work!

(cmomoney) #4

This is great! Thanks for sharing.

(matali) #5

wow! that is an awesome addon. Makes me happy :slight_smile:

(Cyaoeu) #6

Very interesting addon… Thanks.

(jimpaw80) #7

Man you must have put in some serious grinding to get this puppy to work! Great work! :yes:

(theApe) #8

Very generous! And awesome addon :smiley:

(ToshiCG) #9

Great work and thanks for sharing!

(Fatesailor) #10

A great aid for various modelling tasks! Thanks a lot!

(hris) #11

Spirou4D - i see, that actually You are the only one which is ready to pay for this…now I’m the second man ready to pay for it. I’m using blender 1-2 times per month (and it’s true - not every month…). But i’m trying to help blender community by buying some stuff time to time. It’s the best way to say programmers and coders ‘Thank You’.
I bought Hardops for 5$. This script should be in the same price or something similar. I see the bright future for hard edge modelling in blender! Hardops + Perfect Shape = Unliimted and Fast possibilities to create props for games and vehicles!
Thank You very,very much @hophead.ninja for Your hardwork for our community! I’m waiting for your store or for blender market link to prepare some payment.

(burnin) #12

^^^ donations here http://hophead.ninja/

Thank you for your work, really appreciated…

(hris) #13

Maybe paypal will be better?

(hophead.ninja) #14

Thanks for the positive feedback. Information on optional grants and payments occur when the addon will be fully completed.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

(Safetyman) #15

Really nice addon. Thanks so much.

(RealityFox) #16

This is amazing. Well done.

(overlaps) #17

Really handy addon. I’ve been looking for something like this for so long. Thank you for sharing!

(JTenebrous) #18

Ooooooh, now this plugin looks a bit of alright! :slight_smile: Really, really useful functionality in there. The ability to use your own custom shapes is particularly ingenious. Thanks for sharing!

(hophead.ninja) #19

There are still many shortcomings, thanks for reports and suggestions. Even donations have already appeared, although the product is not ready yet. I didn’t expect such a response. Thank you very much, the new version will appear soon. Greetings :slight_smile:

(hophead.ninja) #20

New version appeared on github. Bug fixes and UI improvements. Next release will bring new shaping and improvements. It’s still test.