[AddOn] PES 2011 Stadium Exporter Script v1.2 for Blender 2.57

Hi everyone, i’ve been working on the new stadium exporter project for PES 2011 stadiums since long while ago, this project based on the new Blender version (old version blender dont update anymore,new version is updateable and it has great some new features) this is similar tool like KONAMI’s one, i know they use MAYA and they made an exporter script with MEL (Maya Embedded script Language), i made that similar exporter tool with original features (multi-UV, optimized DDS textures etc…) for Blender, this is %100 original tool, thats mean if you have good skill/experience about Modeling, Texturing, UV Mapping and Lighting/Shading, your stadium will be same quality/filesize like original KONAMI’s stadiums with using this tool.There are over 2000 code lines in this script so im thinking release beta version for PES 2011 and test it with PES 2011, so fixing small bugs,some little improvements then make a stable version for PES 2012, read the below informations with carefully…

New Features :
* Multi-UV : You can use ‘2 different UV Maps and Textures’ for each 3D model, always first is base(global) and second is lightmap, this is absolutely great feature for making lightmap with ‘lossless base texture resolution’, your textures looks better in game and no need to use ‘huge resolution textures like 2048x2048 or more’, max. 1024x1024 is ideal (except pitch texture)
* Texture Optimisation : Main texture format is DDS with 2 types, DXT1 for ‘texture without alpha’ and its 1:8 compression ratio, thats mean ur 1MB raw image texture will be just 128KB, same thing for DXT5, its for ‘texture with alpha’ and its 1:4 compression ratio, your texture file size will incredible reduce, DDS is great texture format for next-gen games, it increases fps and pc performance, also it has ‘pre-calculated mipmaps’ for looking better textures in long/wide game cameras.Other supported texture formats are PNG and TGA, i’ve integrated a DDS converter for TGA and PNG textures (special thanks to NVIDIA Developers). Lastly, script automatically splitting texture files…
* Mesh Optimisation : I’ve added an extra part (XXX_TRI_2) for each tribune, this part automatically ‘invisible while playing game’ and it is useful for 2nd and 3rd floor of tribune, if use that for 2nd and 3rd floor of tribune, your fps/game performance will ‘noticable increase’, i would strongly suggest that, besides i checked out a lot of original stadiums, KONAMI used average 50k-60k triangles (50000-60000 triangles except staff elements (guards-cameramans etc.)) i would strongly suggest ‘dont over 60k-70k triangles limit’ if you dont want any slowdown/lag problems…
* Directly Export Native Game Format : Script is automatically converting mesh models and writes data as ‘binary format’ instead of text format, after then compressing with Zlib and create game bin file, you dont need to any other tool, no need to convertion process or Zlib process, everything is automatically, easy and fast, thats feature will save time for you…
* Transparent and Two-sided model parts : Transparent parts works good if u set right ‘part order’ , near objects must be bottom at part list, far objects must be top. there is no automatic two-sided model parts for keep the model filesize as less as possible, easy way to make manual two-sided mesh face, ‘I will explain these 2 things with video tutorial as soon as possible…’
* Console Supports : This tool supports console platforms such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360…
* Extra Things : You can add team banner for home and away teams, also u can use home/away team flag/emblem in game and you can make stadium for different competitions (CL,UEFA) with using same stadium (with changing adboards on the wall and near the scoreboard)


  • Watch the 2 tutorials with carefully before anything to do…
  • This script is ‘beta’ version and it includes over 2000 code lines so far, of course there are some small bugs, need some little improvements, professional advises,critics,bug report would welcome…
  • Be careful when you assigning/loading textures, %90 script errors about the textures,(choose right format,exact file path,saving before process)
  • Just keep in mind, if u see black textures in game, try to decrease texture filesize less than 1MB…
  • You can see warning/info messages in Blender with using dos console, click ‘Toggle System Console’ in Blender ‘Help’ menu, you can following process/informations with using blender console…
  • Uncheck ‘Remap Relative’ option in the menu of left side when saving your *.blend file.
  • Make sure all image files saved before converting to DDS.
  • Make sure all image files converting to DDS and created under temp folder before Exporting process.
  • Default output folder is ‘C:’ , if you dont select any output path, files will export to ‘C:’ root directory.
  • Sometimes script may give a warning message when exporting, check out all model parts and textures before exporting, so if script says warning like ‘… file using another application…’ dont worry and try export again, it will export it at second try…
  • I would suggest add staff elements lastly (guards,cameraman,boxes etc…) , thats will saving time for you because script is calculating each mesh triangle when exporting, so there are 75000 triangles for staff elements, if u add them firstly, script is trying 75000 x calculate when exporting at every time, that will waste time…
  • I would suggest use TGA (Targa) format for alpha textures, it supports alpha channel and it ‘keeps all color information’, PNG uses layer transparency instead of alpha channel and ‘it removes color informations’…
  • You can use directly DDS textures with using NVIDIA DDS Plugin for Photoshop, but nevertheless click DDS convert before exporting, because DDS Convert is working like that:
  • 'if texture format is TGA or PNG; convert them to DDS (this process take a little time) and create textures under temp folder with ‘corresponding texture ID (0x27…)’
  • 'if texture format is DDS; read directly DDS data , no converting to DDS (that will save time for you) and create textures under temp folder with ‘corresponding texture ID (0x27…)’

To Do List:

  • fix some small bugs, add some little improvements.
  • Integrate Light Effect,Rebounds tool in to this script.
  • Add ‘Player Shadows, Goal nets color’ features.
  • make a long video tutorial about 4-5 things (adding team banner,fix mesh smooth problem,transparent-twosided mesh parts,increase details for DDS Mipmaps, etc…)

Author :
Suat CAGDAS ‘sxsxsx’,‘suatcagdas’

Credits :

  • Blender/Python Developers (new Blender/Python integration is awesome)
  • NVIDIA Developers (DDS Converter tool)
  • Zlib Developers (Zlib compress tool)

Special Thanks:
Ariel, Warpjavier, Gwidon, Stelios, Panos, Asiat and evo-web community

Download (Script v1.0, Tutorials, Extra Files-178MB) :

Download Update v1.2 (06/12/2011 beta3) :

  • This update includes only new script and temp folder, you need to download first big file for tutorials and extra files…
  • If you have already installed script before, no need to re-install, just replace script file in …\2.57\scripts\addons\ and put the temp folder into Blender root directory…

Update v1.2 info:

  • Fixed some small bugs, added some little improvements
  • Added ‘parameters.bin’ and ‘crowd lightmap texture’ exporting for both of pc and console platforms…
  • This update includes only new script and temp folder, you need to download first big file for tutorials and extra files…

Update v1.1 info :

  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Supports PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 consoles
  • Supports Win 7 / Vista

Preview Image:

here is the original thread link from Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 game modding/editing forum, you can following this forum more infos,discuss and news : http://www.evo-web.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=2229539 (need register)

I downloaded v 1.2. I get an error when I run the script. Blender 2.5.7 r37385.

“bpy.ops.main.operator” could not be found

download first big file(178MB) and watch the tutorials with carefully before anything to do…