[Addon] Polysaurus R1 - Sculpt Mask Tools

(Crocadillian) #1

Polysaurus provides a series of tools for sculpting masks, letting you save and load masks to Vertex Groups as well as access those and other commonly used mask tools through pie menus.

This is currently built from MaskTools (https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?371584-Mask-Tools&highlight=MaskTools), but with a few additional features and packaged in a more user-friendly and convenient form. I built this as a quick fix for some sculpting workflow issues I wanted to fix for a while, but over time I’ll continue to add tools and features for generative mask creation, mask mesh extraction and more.

Current Feature List

  • Create vertex groups using the current sculpting mask.
  • Use a vertex group as a mask
  • Add/Subtract a vertex group from the current sculpting mask.
  • Pie menus (accessible by pressing Alt+M in Sculpt mode) for common mask operations, as well as saving/loading masks.

If you have any suggestions, bugs or thoughts, i’d love to hear them :slight_smile:

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(Spirou4D) #2

Konichi wa Takanu Sen,

Doomo arigatoo.


(Safetyman) #3

Looks cool. I’m not much of a sculptor, but tools like this really make me start playing with it. Thanks!


(Crocadillian) #4

Neither am I, I made this partly to get back into it ^-^


(Julio Garcia) #5

Looks amazing I will give it a try, I don’t know so much of the blender python api, but do you think could be possible to use textures as mask?

I’m trying to do something similar to this (still looking a way to achive it), and maybe the ability to use textures as mask could be a great improvement.

Cheers, thanks for the addon


(Chukx_007) #6

thanks for this and all other addons you created. thanks


(DevilsDJ) #7

I noticed this addon hasn’t received much love. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you, it works great. I especially like it for use with Dyntopo for decimation purposes.

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(MmAaXx) #8

cooool thanks!


(Sean Mack) #9

just wanted to drop a thank you for this wonderful plugin. this should have been part of blender in the first place. great work.