[AddOn] QnD - Node based Quest and Dialog System

Hi Folks.

I wrote a new AddOn to help creating RPGs and other Games in Blender. I’ve named it QnD.


I’ve noticed, that some People have problems how to start with Quests and Dialogs. I hope with this AddOn i can help someone out.

It adds a new Node System to Blender. There it’s possible to edit and visualize easely the Quests and Dialogs and convert them to a Text-File Database. Also includet is a Python Script as Realtime Component, to read this Database and send orders to your Player Interface. And much more … :yes:

You find the Download, a Demo File and Documentation in our german Forum. >>Here<<

Don’t be afraid because it’s german. It’s not hard to handle. Google can help too. :wink:
I hope you give me some feedback. See ya.


I need something like this in my own game, I will try and crack it open soon.

Cool. I made something similar but I didn’t think of using the existing node editor layout. Sadly many blender games dont develop far enough to get around to content generation at this level. I’d like to see a blender game jam type competition about point and click adventure games now theres at least 2 dialog building systems available…

Ok, I installed, and took a look,

So its

Start -------Choices 1 2 3 4-----1 = choice 1’s dialog -> next choice etc.


Thanks a lot @Doc_Holiday,
Very good idea: node uses!
No problem with german…Viele danke mein freund!
Bye bye

WOW, Thank you and “gern geschehen”. :slight_smile:

Im very happy you find it useful. I’d never worked with something like this or similar before. I was looking for an easy Way to handle with Quests and Dialogs. So i thought about my own System to do this. The Custom Nodes was a welcome Possibility to realize it.

Test it out, and let me know what you think. :yes:

You could use a system like this for game logic…

Main Loop —(if property = 1 2 3 4)-------Secondary loop


Nice work!

Thank You. :slight_smile:
Yes, that’s what Level and Flag Nodes are good for. Level goes to the Branch, the Property is worth. Flag goes to the True or False Branch, if the Expression is True or False.

Im not good to explain Things in english. I hope you understand me right. Please ask if somebody run in Trouble. I’ll try to help.

I understand perfectly,

and thanks, again.

This is very helpful! Thanks Doc!
A question. Is it possible to make a Node Based state machine for animations? Like mecanim?

I don’t know this, so i can’t say if it’s possible or not. That was my first experience with custom Nodes. They are very good to visualize a logical Flow. I don’t know if it can be used for something like this, sorry.

Hey Doc!

I don’t know what is the biggest joy:

  1. See you here.
  2. See that BlendPolis is alive and strong
  3. Test this incredible AddOn and learn some German for free. xD

Vielen Dank!


Oh WOW. Thank you and “gern geschehen”. :):slight_smile:

this looks amazing!!! i don’t know how to set teh text object to display the text that i need tho. :frowning:

Because every Game have different needs, you need to build a custom Viewer for your Project. Python is strongly necessary.

But have a look at the demo file. This is a very basic example. You can use it as Base, and modify for your need.

Mister @Doc_Holidayy you do not have instructional videos on your

Mister @Doc_Holidayy you do not have instructional videos on your

let your videos to understand QND

Hi. Thanks for your interest.
Did the Documentation and the Demo not help?
I am thinking about a Tutorial - Video. Im not sure how to explain it. My English is not so much, and i think it would be in german too.

I’m currently stuck into another Project. But it’s on my List. :smiley:

So since I am a very impatient person I took it upon myself to translate the document in order to learn better how to use QnD cause trail and error ain’t good when I have a time limit. I do not speak german, so I used google translate. I also figured I wanted to make it easier for everyone else because this is an amazing add-on and I don’t want people to miss out. Due to the fact I used google translate, Some of the sentences might be incorrect. If anybody that does speak both german and english sees a mistake, please comment the correct version on the document and i will correct it as soon as possible. Have fun:


[edit] I have now just finished translating the actual blendfile itself. If you were running around and super confused as to what you were doing cause it was in another language, now you can be super confused because everything is in engrish. at least you will have a better understanding of what is going on. Here’s the blend file: