[Addon] Quick Blendshots v0.8


This addon for fast create blend copies (blendshots) and screenshots for save steps of work and easy creating GIF timelapses.

How to use:

  • Install and enable Add-on
  • Save blend file (all shots and screenshots save in relative path at original blend file)
  • Config add-on for screenshots and name formats (if needed)
  • Using ‘Make Step’ and ‘Make Part’ for create blendshots/screenshots

How to use GIF features:

  • Download or install ImageMagick binaries from here: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php
  • Copy/extract “convert” file to blender folder (where ‘blender.exe’) OR config path in addon (see pic below)
  • Make screenshots
  • Click “GIF Tool” -> “Make GIF” buttons
  • Enjoy! )

WARNING: All operations (make step/make part) does not save Original blend file (if ‘Save Original’ is unchecked)!

Deferred Execution (if possible)
Support ortho camera
Support multi cameras (with join frames as option)
Undo operation
Resizing tool

Download v0.8.6 qb086.zip (3.22 KB) (07.04.2016, small fix)

Webmoney: Z225817810561

P. S. If i did a lot of mistakes in language - please sorry! I study English :slight_smile:


Great! Exact what i need! Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

Amazing , verry cool addon :smiley:

I did next features:

  • One click GIF creation(ImageMagick)
  • Cropping tools
  • Support: screenshot, opengl render, active render (internal or cycles)
  • Config string formats is removed!
  • Added more options: Using camera, Make blendshot, Save original, Override render width/height for shots

Soon publish in first post!

Version: 0.8.5

  1. “Hide Panels” option added.

Version: 0.8.5

  1. “Hide Panels” option added.

Usefull and necessary thing. Thanks

Hi @unicron,

Than,ks a lot for this idea very useful. I have one question: I am on Linux mint and I have ImageMagic (with UI too) but how can I create this Windows’kind convert.exe execute file.
I can make a bash-script and make executable but what is the content of this convert.exe, please?
At soon.
Thks for your reply.


In linux you do not need windows executable (convert.exe) and UI tools! I used ImageMagick as it is cross-platform tool.

How to use in linux:

  • Redownload Quick Blendshots addon (new version 0.8.6)
  • Install ImageMagick (from sources or binary package) if not installed
  • Reconfig path to convert tool in addon (View3D -> Properties panel -> Quick Blendshots -> GIF Tool -> ImageMagick (convert))
  • Try set path property as ‘convert’ (without quotes) instead of ‘{blender}/convert.exe’

I’m sorry for double post.

Hey unicron,
This looks like a super cool addon! Been eyeing it for a while now, but been busy and just didn’t have the time to try it out.

As you’ve noticed I make quite a bit of GIFs for sculpts timelapses. Looking forward to GIF it a spin :slight_smile:

Hi 0rAngE!
I hope that my addon will help you to create a fast and a lot GIFs :slight_smile: