[Addon] Quick Dynamic Paint

Hey, blender people :slight_smile:
Please welcome Quick Dynamic Paint add-on.
When I first saw quick smoke, fur and other options in search menu I thought why no Quick DP option is here? So I build this script.
This is my first code ever, so don’t ask too much. The code is fully open to be modified and any needed fixes can be added without hesitation.


Ctrl + Shift + D – Apply Quick Dynamic Paint
Ctrl + Alt +Shift + D – Delete Quick Dynamic Paint

“Quick Dynamic Paint” default settings:

Setting display mode to “Textured”
Turning On all Cycles Ray Visibility options
Setting Surface Type to Weight
Adding “dp_weight” vertex group

Setting display mode to “Wire”
Turning Off all Cycles Ray Visibility options
Setting Paint Source to Mesh Volume + Proximity
Deleting “dp_weight” vertex group

Selection matters:

One object selected:
Adding “Brush”

Several objects selected:
Active object – Adding “Canvas”, other selected objects – adding “Brush”

Applying to objects with enabled Dynamic Paint toggles the state:
“Canvas” = “Brush”
“Brush” = “Canvas”

“Delete Quick Dynamic Paint”
applying to all selected objects or to all object in the scene if nothing selected.

Quick Dynamic Paint for the version 2.82 dropbox link:
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Good work. Thanks