[Addon] Quick Render Slot Selection


It really is nothing to win ‘best app award’ with, but I think it’s handy…
Maybe you do too…

It’s a small tool to add a quick render slot selection right above the Render button

Find it at: https://github.com/kostex/blenderscripts/blob/master/KTX_RenderSlot.py


I’d say very handy, thanks

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Yes yes yes, thank you!

For me it doesn’t show up until I hit F12 or a render button. I wonder if there’s a way to make it appear before hitting render for the first time…

Not a big deal, but would be just that bit better :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Ok! Cool that there’s interest!
Before you start asking, I’ve done my best to search for a way to show if a render slot is ‘occupied’, but up until now, nothing feasible came up…

for the programmers:
If I do find something usable other than iterating through al slots and trying to save the image, reacting to raising errors, I’ll implement it right away… Any tips are welcome :wink:

Very excellent idea! Thanks and congrats kostex_new,

Usuable slots: you can create a object of scene with proprieties as slots. Each time blender is open, the object is created new with all empty slots and you save the state of each slots, each time you select one render.
Then In your class, ask this object for the state of slot before you must save a render! Not?

And off’course a deleting class to empty all slots when blender is closing.

Thanks ,Excellent idea :eyebrowlift:

Awesome, I like this so much. Thanks.

And here’s an update… There’s an option to check if Render Slots are occupied… (Press the Question mark)
I’ve chosen not to check dynamically…
Furthermore, the addon now prevents the console from flooding if there is no render result yet (when starting a new file)

Very usefull. Thanks

How do you change the button to 1* than 1 : when you have attributed the slot for a render already, you have crush the content of the slot!

MAY BE: The renderslot object is a collection, no or yes?

You could know if it is occupied with that:
the answer is True if the collection is empty.

Thank you for your efforts, but I’m very sorry that I haven’t got a clue what you’re saying (same goes for your previous comment)
I guess it’s google translate that really messes up what you’re trying to say, or I am too stupid :wink:

yes on Twitter, it was the same, you don’t understood me…because you are young in python.


The main reason is that I don’t understand your sentences/google’s translation…
And yes, I’m not a python expert and my way of coding dates back to 30 years ago… I do things practically… not optimized or ‘fancy’… what works works… that kind of approach… if there is no other reason than having fancy code, I don’t bother…

But please don’t be offended… It’s just that I don’t understand what you’re saying LITERALLY, not that I don’t understand collections or any other python approach you’re trying to teach me about.

But please don’t be offended…

The first i think when we ask others is to thanks them when he answer to your problem and when you don’t understand them is to ask them directly!
Good luck!!

Great thanks for the speedy update! Good improvements indeed.


Have you ended your addon? I corrected it and now no need of this ‘QUESTION’ button in mine!
All is made in one time!
You was almost at the end of the path…Lol.
Do you want it?

Hi Spirou4D,

of course I’m interested in your addon code!
Thank you!

The question mark option instead of automatic checking was done because I have/had no idea if a save to null would be intensive/expensive on CPU.


Here is the link: ADDON


PS: I can’t answer you I go to Easter week-end…

EDIT: I wanted to say:
[x] => active slot
x* is the filled slot.

I wanted to have the active x slot in bold but I havn’t found for today… but later may be.

Hi Spirou4D,

Thanks for the update.
I’ve tried it quickly… did not check the source completely, but the filled slot is not marked after a render… you need to first select another slot to be able to see if the previously selected slot has data in it.
Will look into it…

Have a nice Easter weekend

I don’t wanted change your verification’s code so…
You use a null render to verify but I havn’t searched to remove your tip.

So just after a render is made we can add a update code too…
Thanks and Namaste.