[Addon] Quick Themes

After making my first theme, I found out it is very time consuming and having to copy a specific color to every editor gets old. Here is a addon that I’m working on to speed things up. Settings are located at the bottom of the settings for editors.

Select which settings and editors to change.

Select which user interface settings to change from the “active” setting.


Looks interesting, how will this work? Extend the theme settings window by appending the other settings into the active settings window?

That has been my biggest gripe with creating custom themes as well. You should be able to select just the “header” (for example) and have it applied to all the headers in the different editors.
Looking forward to this when Blender 2.8 is released and I probably have to remake my custom UI’s again.

I’m not sure I understand your reply. I looked at your reply edits and I see you posted a gif about copying and pasting. That’s kinda what I’m talking about. If you choose like the “Window Background” setting for the Image Editor. You would then have to go to every editor you wanted that color and then paste it. You would then have to do that for each setting you wanted changed. What this does, is copies the colors from the active editor in groups(theme space settings, theme panel color, theme space list settings). You would select one editor to make those changes to the “groups” and then it will change those settings for the selected editors. It’s the same concept for the User Interface settings(2nd screenshot) ,but you have to tell it what the “active” setting is.

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Is there a download link available for the script?

Still doing some work to it. I’ll post it when ready. I worked on it yesterday some getting it to work with 2.8, since there’s some new settings.

OK, I had this idea yesterday, so I started playing around. Here’s a theme with just changing three colors. I used the Blender’s default theme, to figure out the different values based on the one color. It’s a good way to get a theme started and this is still a work in progress. I thought this was a pretty neat idea.

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I really need your addon.
Can you give it to me? For 2.8 I’m making a theme

Do you you have repo somewhere (github, bitbucket,gitlab…)?

Never finished this. I quit working on it when this addon was posted.

Mainly just keep stuff on my computer.