[Addon] QuickRig Tools

Hello all,

I’ve been working on some tools to speed up rigging, since so much of the time spent can be the tedious work of simply duplicating constraints for mirrored bones, renaming bones, etc.

I’m making these tools publicly available, but I won’t be offering any support. I’ll be updating the script as I use continue to use it myself, which is pretty regularly right now. So I’ll be adding new tools and options as it suits my needs. And if it’s saving time for me, I imagine it’ll save someone else’s time as well :smiley:

QuickRig Tools on bitbucket

It mostly consists of three panels: one in Edit mode (Bone tab), two in Pose mode (Bone tab and Bone Constraints tab).

Looks fatastic, definitelly gonna try it!

thanks a lot man!

I’m willing to develop a “Shapekey Tools” pannel in a similar fashion, focusing on batch vGroup splitting and easy driver addition for facial rigs and this one of yours is very inspiring :slight_smile:

You come from Humane Rigging too, right? :wink:

Again, thanks. Can’t wait to see how you improve this!

Thanks a lot !!

Hey, no problem :slight_smile: Hope it’s useful for you.

Shonos both things you mentioned are available as separate (developed by different people) just look for “driver constraint addon” https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?370925-Addon-Shapekey-Driver-to-Bone-Constraint&highlight=shape+key+addon a fantastic way to connect drivers to any property (started by doing it to the shapekeys then he extended it to many other things), and also there is some extra tools for shapekeys here https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?396688-Addon-ShapeKey-Helpers&highlight=shapekeys that way you wont have to program nothing and you can use your skills to program something new, like a button to delete every vertex group in a model but the ones that are locked… =)