[Addon] Render Music

(Jason van Gumster) #1

This is a goofy little add-on that surprisingly took more work to create than I expected. Basically, it plays elevator music while you render. And when the render is complete, a bell rings.

Usage notes copied from the add-on’s wiki page:

While rendering, “elevator” music automatically plays. When the render job is complete, a bell rings.

You can optionally enable and disable the music and bell from the Render panel of Render Properties.

From the Files section of User Preferences, you can specify different sounds for the render music and end tone. Any sound file that Blender recognizes (WAV, MP3, OGG, AIFF, etc.) is supported.

Note: This add-on will not work on Blender builds prior to r44810, so fire up your compiler (or get a recent build from graphicall.org).

Direct download link: Render Music Add-on

Special thanks to Sam Brubaker (rocketman on these forums) for custom creating the music that’s packed with this add-on.


(Hoverkraft) #2

Nice. Would be useful if it could send an email when the render is done…


(Jason van Gumster) #3

That’s a bit out of the scope of this particular add-on, but since we now have the render_complete event callback, such an add-on would be pretty easy to implement.


(Jason van Gumster) #4

On a humorous note, this addon was mentioned today on Blender Nation as a kind of reverse April Fools Day joke.

So… for anyone who hasn’t figured it out, don’t assume everything posted on April 1st is fake. This add-on is, in fact, real. It does work, and I actually do have it enabled by default on my machines. :slight_smile:


(_ben_) #5

Fantastic add on. Is it possible to differentiate between rendering an animation and rendering a single frame? It would be great to have notifications only when rendering longer sequences.


(Jason van Gumster) #6

We covered this a bit on Twitter, but I figured I’d re-iterate here where I have more than 140 characters to use. :slight_smile:

It does, in fact, already do what you’re asking. The Bell tone will only play when a render is complete, regardless of whether it’s a single frame or a full animation. It does it by using the render_complete callback (small claim to fame, I wrote the patch that adds that callback… that also means that this add-on won’t work on official releases earlier than 2.63).


(mujuningaiza) #7

I tried to Install this addon but it fails, I tried to downlad it multiple times but no success, would you please help me direct download link? Am using Blender 2.75a 32 bit


(Jason van Gumster) #8

You need to be more specific that “it fails”. Do you get an error?

From where are you downloading the add-on? The one in the OP should still work, but any new updates should be downloaded from my GitHub page for the project.