[AddOn] - Render only objects in Camera!

Hi guys!

This tool make 2 groups.
Objects in - out camera view.

This trick can reduce de render memory and speed.
You must check shadows, reflections, radiance…

Download from builder!

Enjoy it!

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Looks good but how to download this ?
Edit: ok, get it, its in Oscurart tools.
Edit2: yes, noticed before your answer :slight_smile:

JuhaW, is in the oscurart tools!

Mmmm… i will see!
Thanks for report!

No problem, this is good addon for Yafaray test renders, only export those objects which are in camera view, not all visible layers.

does this work for animation? I would be happy to see an occlusion based exluder, that would not render objects occluded by others, similar to game engines. this technique was used by pixar in recent films to help with render times.

I believe BI does this to some extent already? Cycles needs everything in the scene due to indirect lighting.

You’re right!

Is it hard to add Render Border option ?
Do you have toleration value because when objects are near camera view they are still InCamera group.


i cant find the download button. i was on your website but there is not download button. plz help me