[Addon] Renderlayer Manager

Incredible add-on.

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Noob question, but I’m wondering if you have a simple answer for this: my alpha and depth are white when I use the cycles production preset. Do you know why that might be?
Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 5.16.34 PM
Below is a screenshot of my settings.

I guess it’s because the depth pass is not normalized. That means every pixel which is more than 1 unit away from the camera will have a value above 1 which may be the reason everything is white. You have to color correct the pass to see grey values or use the mist pass instead. (https://www.reddit.com/r/blender/comments/l6wjn2/how_to_use_the_mist_pass/)
The alpha might be pure white because the background is not transparent. You can enable background transparency in the render properties panel > Film > Transparent.
Edit: Sorry, just realized, that the Transparent Background setting is also not enabled in the screenshot. Try enable it and see if the alpha works :wink:

Thank you! Would you consider adding normalize node for depth output or is that something that we should just do on our own accord.

And regarding cryptomatte, I was wondering if you know of any hack for Mac OS users compositing in a third party program. Unfortunately I don’t have access to EXRio plugin due to limitations of the OS. My only choice it seems is to use blender to import cryptomatte and export masks individually as needed, for use in photoshop.

I would like to keep this add-on just for the raw passes output. Otherwise I would have to add more and more extra nodes and special cases. You can normalize the pass in blender by adding the normalize node but the links will be lost every time you recreate the nodetree.
I would always recommend doing the compositing in a third party programm like Nuke, Fusion, After Effects, Natron or in a new and empty Blender file (separate to your rendering file).

I don’t know about the capabilities of Photoshop handling raw and high bit floating images though. I guess you will have some limitations there in comparison to the other compositing softwares. But using Blender to export the individual masks seems to be a legit workflow for me.
I am sorry I can’t really help you there (I have no experiences with Mac) but there must be Mac users here in the forum who also doing compositing and might be able to help you with the best workflow?!


That’s key; one would normalize in post, to the range desired.

I ended up compositing in Blender (for my needs, it seems to be sufficient for now). While using it in my workflow, I’ve encountered another issue. I have been using a headless batch rendering feature in add-on called “photographer.” While the feature itself works fine, there is an issue with combining it with render layers because in order for it to work smoothly, the compositor nodes have to be recreated before every render begins, otherwise, to give an example, when I try to batch render 5 cameras, the camera token in the file path is set and stuck at camera 1, so the output overwrites constantly. Is there a quick fix to this? Or would it simply not be compatible.

Edit: Perhaps a auto file output updating feature?

This is a known limitation right now. I have to see if I can find a fix for that. Maybe a handler script in the background can fix this by updating the file paths whenever the frame changes :thinking:
When I find a good solution, I will post it here!