Addon Request: Matrix Extrude

Matrix Extrude like in C4D would be awesome in Blender. :wink:
Set steps, distance, rotation, scaling…all in XYZ.
Very easy in C4D, but very difficult in Blender.
Found this old thread from 2004, but looks like it wasn’t developed.
E.G. this in C4D R11

Screenshot of obj imported to Blender from C4D…

Wonder if my version of Matrix Extrude for Blender would be worth setting up on gumroad (so far it’s growing on my harddrive).
I’m still tinkering with some features I thought might be fun, but the main functionality like I used in the days I could still play with Cinema 4D are all there (except the live edit functionality, but I believe that was coded in c++ and my version just needs an undo to try another round).

The user interface was overhauled so that the functionality in Blender allows faster adjustments of the values and I didn’t go with % but stuck with Blender format, but see for yourself.

Main UI
Main UI

Basic Variation Mode Initial&Per Step
Basic variation options like it was available in C4D

Advanced Variation Mode Initial&Per Step
Advanced variation options I felt were good to have as well, no clue if later C4D versions offer them though

Some simple examples for the eye:

Ico Sphere extruded with settings shown (triangle faces)

Good old Suzanne got some cutesy tentacles :sweat_smile:

Some demonstrative settings:


  • Secondary extrusions are working now as shown in the image below

  • Options for secondary extrusions are hard to decide on, so far I added steps as well as interval and randomization for the amount of possible extrusions along the main extrusion segments.


"Wonder if my version of Matrix Extrude for Blender would be worth setting up on gumroad"

Yes! Very cool, Patrick! Thanks for making it.
I’d be interested, and imagine many Blender users would like something
so easy, intuitive, and powerful for extruding.
What version of C4D do you have?
I have R11 and can run it from a folder on an external drive without
installing or it needing a key. I purchased & upgraded it until they
made it too expensive.

Same here, I own a version 11 license of Cinema 4D, after that I waited too long to be eligible for updating and had to give it up (mainly as well due to price).
Version 11 though I guess is now museum material.
I found that even version 18 still had the Matrix Extrude function in pretty much the same style.

Using Blender for a while now and thinking about remaking my old abstract art I used as background, I found as you mentioned, that Blender does not come with it’s Matrix Extrude.
After searching I only found this Topic you started.
So I gave my rusty skills a spin and wrote it.

Suggestions for features are welcome, though if I can implement all is another story.
Also suggestions regarding the UI would be nice, more features easy blow up the space the addon takes up.

example of secondary extrusion

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Moved the link over to MatrixExtrude for Blender with more options and features then the original, as to focus further discussion there and not spam here.


Awesome, Patrick!
Thanks for creating MatrixExtrude for Blender! :smiley: :+1:

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My pleasure, thanks for the tip. Be sure to mention what can be improved or added.