[Addon] Rigged System Addon

I have made a new addon called Rigged System Addon.

Using “Rigged Systems Addon”, it is easy to create movements on, among other things, cylinders. You can easily import respective pre-defined systems for cylinders, turnbuckles and universal joints. Even simple features are included like, “Cursor to objects mesh”, “Empty to object”, “Selection to selected”, “Selection to selected - And copy rotation”. Also there is a feature that “Add Rotating axis” amongs selected directions. Also the features “Empty to object” and “Add roating axis” works in edit mode.
For those who want to quickly and easily animate cylinders, turnbuckles and Universal Joint. The included features in the addon is also very handy to use when things need to be placed.

And here is a Lego modell that I have animted using the addon:

You can buy the addon from Blender market:

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