[addon] Rigged Systems addon

With Rigged System addon it is easy to create movements on, among other things, cylinders. You can easily import respective pre-defined systems for cylinders, turnbuckles and universal joints. Even simple features are included like, “Cursor to objects mesh”, “Empty to object”, “Selection to selected”, “Selection to selected - And copy rotation”. Also there is a feature that “Add Rotating axis” amongs selected directions. Also the features “Empty to object” and “Add roating axis” works in edit mode.

Functions in object mode:

  • Cursor to objcet mesh- Empty
  • Plain Axis to object 0.2
  • Selection to selected
  • Selection to selected and copy rotation
  • Add rotating axis
  • Add Cylinder Rigg
  • Add Turnbuckle Rigg
  • Add Universal Joint Rigg

Functions in edit mode:

  • Empty to object edit mode 0.2
  • Add rotating axis