[Addon] Scramble Addon (Small functions collection)

GitHub: github.com/saidenka/Blender-Scramble-Addon
Zip: github.com/saidenka/Blender-Scramble-Addon/archive/master.zip

Remake by @Meta-Androcto: https://github.com/meta-androcto/blenderpython/tree/master/scripts/addons_extern/Addon%20Factory

I had a non-perfect score just a little in Blender.
This add-on has attracted such small enhancements, currently more than 200 operators.
It is Japanese, but I am prepared English translation, make sure you change the UI in English.

Thanks for listening up for my not good-English. :yes:


Domo arigatö Saidenka San!

EDIT: I have this problem here, please:
must add this in first line:
from future import absolute_import

EDIT 2: Warning-> your code is for Windows only or not?
import winreg # Windows only

Thank you to try add-on, Spirou4D!
Indeed, the registry is a feature of Windows only.
But I do not want to eliminate the function using this.
Can’t coexist? :eyebrowlift2:

I tried to exception handling, What happens with the latest?

こんにちは Saidenka San,

Traceback: Can’t import winreg
yes because I am on Linux!

I will not use your add-on! Desoled!
Dewa matta!

EDIT: >>I tried to exception handling, What happens with the latest?
Between python2.7 and 3, = relative path are not automatique, so you must add this line to resolve problem of import path.

I did a check of operation in ubuntu (linux) in a hurry.
It works without a problem, guess why? :eek:

I have managed to install the addon without problems on windows, but, most of the tools have really bad explanations, I really cant understand what they do. Could you do a video tutorial demo(even if its without talking, I understand that you dont know english well)? People say ‘‘one picture is worth a thousand words’’!

Hi, TurboBlender!

Most of the English translation is the machine translation now, I’m sorry.
I think function but not be explained is all too much, but the demonstration of the recommended function would like to introduce. :yes:

I really like this addon.
Thank You!
Before you posted here, I translated the addon by Google Translate…
I see now it’s easy to use the Blender . User Preferences > Interface > International Fonts > English > Turn on all options.
This also gave me a good working knowledge of your addon.
You do some very interesting code & interface ideas.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Meta-Androcto, Thank you for the supplement!

Everyone you can translate Japanese to English in this, but there is a poor English :frowning:

hi again!
thanks again for this addon, some of the features you have added are much needed & very useful.
I have been working on translation & some new feature/addons included.
I am happy to share my progress with you & offer any help.
Do you speak any English?
You could visit irc freenode #blenderpython to talk if you can.
I should have a big update in 2 weeks, i will let you know.
Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Edit: I see you removed the update function from the help menu.
We could have 2 update function, one for Japanese version one for English version.
If we can work together, we can succeed. :slight_smile:

Nice suggestions thank you! :eek:However, it is difficult for me to work with the person who can speak English.
and, I want to feel free to update the add-on.

You improve my add-on, and is it possible to show originally?
License is BSD! :yes:

hi again,
You can follow my progress here:
There is a zip file for easy d/l in the repo.
Currently 90% translated but not well, you still need to turn on international font’s atm whilst I do more.
Changed directory structure, now all files live in folders for easier management of category’s.
Add Mesh, Add_curve & add_surface contain a large amount of addons.
I’ll keep you updated as I go.

Hi @Meta-Androcto,
Excellent initiative this addon sccm to be top-notch! A great Thanks!

I also say “Thanks Meta-Androcto!”.
I want to talk with you from now on here. :yes:

hi, I’ve made some massive changes…
renamed Scramble Addon to Addon Factory
Add_Mesh, most all add mesh addons on blender & external
Add_Curve, same as above
Add Menu, new Additions there too
Extended Toolshelf & some more.
There’s still a long way to go & again I thank saidenka for this great addon.
The Rename was to make easier for me to develop.
I hope soon to enable again the Automated Update & provide links to both addons.
Link to files (there’s a zip in there too :wink:

This is very much a work in progress & I still have several 100 addons to merge in.

Nice work you both :slight_smile: @Meta-Androcto are you in contact with the 100 addons devs? Your integration is really good, it would be even better to keep them in sync with latest versions from the different git repos. Maybe just like in Blender, have all in one repo and have module owners ?

@ matali
I’ve been in contact with many addons devs over the years & recently. Mostly I would like them to become Blender Addons Developers.
I’m very open to granting any addons devs access to write directly to the repo, That would be awesome but better if people helped with Blender Addons & become active there.

@ saidenka
I will be updating over the next few days, trying to learn more things about your addon, there should be better way to have one addon with nicer translation?
Would this mean updating the translation dictionary?
I can easily rename back to Scramble Factory & we could do push pull request from git?

Might be a dumb question, but is this like a collection of old addons, or entirely new functions? I ask because I´ve installed these collections before and ended up in duplicate hell :stuck_out_tongue: A more detailed description would be appreciated…

Hi BrilliantApe!This is completely new functions.
There will not be approximately the overlap of the ID :yes: