[Addon] Scramble Addon (Small functions collection)


You did a great attempt!!
IMO, you should pull req to @saidenka 's repos if you update source (includes translation dictionary.)
If this add-on merge your translation works, this add-on will be more powerful. :slight_smile:
However, If you update files more than 2 places, it will be difficult to consistent each repos.
The longer this state continues the more difficult to merge your contribution to @saidenka 's repos.

What do you think?

Brilliant Ape,
saidenka’s verson is more unique small functions.
my version is leaning towards ‘collection’ & will return bugs if duplicate addons enabled. In my version I use folders to contain addons from any given category. An example would be this:

Here I’ve merged all add_mesh/curve/surface addons from blender & beyond & started on the add menu. I modified saidenka’s addon to use a folders system, not dis-similar to blender 2.49 0_0, so instead of trawling through miles of addons, I’m merging lesser/useful ones (that work & are not big maintained addons like archimesh) into a single activate, with saidenka’s nice option to turn on off the extended menu’s. This is quite experimental & touches upon many areas of Blender. Certainly as I progress & delete addons I’ve merged from my Blender install, the addons menu’s look much cleaner.


really nice addon @saidenka, thanks a lot for sharing. How is the translation going? with meta androcto? should I help?

Hi @matali!
I translate the English translation by an automatic translation of Microsoft at the moment.
I accept the offer of TranslationDictionary.csv anytime :yes:

Hi Meta-Androcto! I’m interested in your compilation but the file doesn’t exist

If you go through the backdoor by removing last part of link, you´ll find it :slight_smile:

Next time I’ll try to be more shrewd. every way is good to get what you want :slight_smile:
thanks a lot!

Hi, what happened to this project? There is no active working link to your addon. can you provide a new one?

yea i’m having the same problem. The github link no longer working. Did the author move to another place?

hi, this addon is no longer supported. Both saidenka and I removed all links. Sorry, it got out of hand and was very big and become very broken. many features made it into blender many did not. With 2.8 there’s a new system and addons like this would take months to re-establish.

Please, post a link somewhere. I (& probably few others) intend to stay with 2.79 and just add another tool to arsenal… :wink:

This add-on is currently available on my GitHub.
This is a great add-on.

GitHub-bookyakuno / Blender-Scramble-Addon

Updated Scramble Addon to Blender2.8.

Releases · bookyakuno/Blender-Scramble-Addon

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that’s interesting. scramble addon was a very forward thinking addon.

Oh my, What am I doing. I find it an interesting addon, and I thought let make an article about it.
Turns out that the addon is so big, that after 8 hours I have just copied the text of all labels and tiptools of all features. I hope within 4 hours more I am done. Lol.

But thanks for all the work, it’s very interesting also as a kind of library for addon developers.

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Here is my contribution for documentation: Scrambler Addon
I hope many more contributions will follow.