[Addon] Sculpt Geometry Tools

Hello fellow Blender fans!

I’ve been on a long hiatus away from Blender and this wonderful community, but now I’m coming back and I’m bringing a present from my travels: the Sculpt Geometry Tools addon. It is designed to ease your dyntopo workflow and would probably be best used in tandem with the wonderful Sculpt Tools addon.

This addon will provide several new tools in your toolshelf, shortcuts to apply several modifiers and edit mode operators:

  • Smooth
  • Laplacian Smooth
  • Decimate
  • Displace
  • Subdivide (Smooth)
  • Beautify

All of them support masking, so you won’t have to drop your pen in favor of mouse or go wandering in menus and switch modes when you need something smoothed, inflated or subdivided.

I apologize for the lack of screenshots, but really this would require a screencast, and I just hadn’t the time to make one yet. The addon itself and installation instructions are available on Github. Give it a try and I’ll be happy to hear your feedback.

Happy blending!

Good addon idea

The only problem i see is the Laplacian smooth that makes use of the slow (and in term of sculpt polycount is -very- slow) Laplacian modifier code, i would suggest to replace it with the Laprelax code of the “ewoc_projects_tools” addon (found in addon contrib with every buildbots).
Laprelax does a laplacian smoothing while preserving the shape of the mesh (or the selection) but is very much faster to work on high polycount than the laplacian modifier.

Very cool. Everything works quite well, and it will make dyntopo smoothing much easier. Great work!

Thank you both for your replies!

Sanctuary, I didn’t know about Laprelax, I’ll look into it and see if and how it can be used with Geometry Tools. Thanks!

VERy very very Thanks

Thank you, ability to smooth whole model is very useful.