[Addon] SculpTkt - a toolkit for sculptors ($)

(Metin Seven) #21

Cool! :+1:

A few questions about the Slash Cutter:

  • Will it be a button or keyboard shortcut?

  • Will you also be able to auto-remove the cut part, maybe using an extra modifier key like Alt?

  • Will it work inside of Sculpt Mode?

Keep up the good work!

(Jeacom) #22

Threre will be a handy pie menu with everything you need so I guess I will keep the one-single-shortcut pattern, Its just not ported to 2.8 yet, there will be a lot of changes to the addon’s interface.

It works on sculpt mode but there are a few problems with the undo not being recorded, so it’s only safe to use on object mode, I guess I’ll have to wait until developers fix this problem or use some sort of hack.

yeah I can implement this, I guess I can auto-select the smallest objects so you can just hit delete.

(Metin Seven) #23

OpenVDB Remesh has to cope with the same Sculpt Mode undo issue. The coder has included a warning about it in red-colored text when you use the add-on in Sculpt Mode.

I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.

(Fatesailor) #24

The slash cutter is a very needed tool indeed. But does it work in the dyntopo mode too?

And also… what about a ‘local scale’ brush? Sculptgl’s ‘local scale’ brush is a good example for understanding what is meant with such a tool.

If someone buys the add-on, will the updates be free?

(ouraf) #25

will you mix the Sculptkt and tesselator in a single add-on?

(Åsmund) #26

Ill might get this when its stable for 2.8 :slight_smile: Maybe SculptIt could be a name for the tool?

(Jeacom) #27

There’s the mask deform tool, that just allow you move/scale/rotate any masked part of the model.

(Jeacom) #28

That was my original plan but Tesselator’s code got too big to properly manage a fusion. If I guet to simplify tesselator enough I will do that.

Well, the name is SculpTkt that stands for Tool K i T before it was FlowTools but didn’t make much sense and there was another addon with a similar name so I changed it.

(Jeacom) #29

Hey guys, I don’t updated what yet but most operators are already done, only envelope builder is left to finish.

But since with 2.8, many functions are native, like matcaps, random colors, SculpTkt is gonna lose a few unneeded features.

I dont want this addon to be mediocre so make your feature requests and I will make a list of new things that SculpTkt could have in the 2.8 version.