[Addon] Select By Index v0.1


Selects the specified face/edge/vertex given the index. In face selection mode it selects a face, in edge mode an edge and in vertex mode a vertex. It prints to the console UVs and vertex indices for faces and vertex indices for edges.


  • Copy nuke_select_by_index.py to blender-2.xx-releaseXX\2.xx\scripts\addons
  • Activate in “File -> User Preferences -> Addons -> Mesh -> Select by index”


  • Go to edit mode, select the selection mode of what you want to select (face/edge/vertex)
  • Enter the index of the face/edge/vertex you want to select
  • Click “Select by index” button

Do you need other info dumped to the console?
Useful if other addons give you an error for a specific face/edge/vertex index.