[Addon] Select Islands

Hello, a simple script, but one I found very useful so think its worth sharing:


Similar to the select linked (ctrl+L) when in face mode with uv seams, but also works using material, creased edges and sharp edges. Allows to select multiple ‘islands’ at once or to maintain an exxisting selection and only expand on the active face.

In terms of scripting, its pretty awful, but it works ( I think ), and I intend to rewrite as well as expand it.
video demo to follow soon.

Check it out, all feedback welcome.

Edit: Forgot to say how to use it:

Install as any other add-on.
In edit mode > face select, pick a face or faces in the island you want to select fully, then look in the select menu for ‘Select Island’. Options for multiple vs active only selection and crease thresholds are in the F6 panel

Video demo now available:

Also, thread title should probably be [wip], I don’t see an obvious method to change it though…

Cool, I lately though this kind of selection would be useful :slight_smile:

Thanks !

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i saw your script and also realized that the Select Similar Operator covers most of your features, except select by linked (in one step)
So i made a simple C Patch to extend the Select Similar Operator by a linked and limit by seams option (it simply calls select linked afterwards, if linked is true and passes on the limit by seams option. Please check your tracker entry, i uploaded the patch there as follow up :slight_smile:



That’s excellent Scorpion81, and a great motivator to finally learn to build blender, thanks.

Hi @megatrousers,

Thanks a lot for your nice addon!