[Addon] - Selection Restrictor

Hello everybody!

I wrote a small addon that adds usability.

This addon simplifies the management of Restrict Viewport Selection of objects, making it available directly in the viewport instead of using Outliner every time.

Download link: https://yadi.sk/d/o9byqNgnoc6iG

Watch the video how to use it:


И тебе привет :slight_smile:
Та самая редка ветка, где можно писать по русски :wink:

Really nice and usefull, thank you :wink:

Didn´t understand until I saw the video, but very useful indeed, thanks :slight_smile:

Tried it, very useful on complex scenes! Thanks.
Into my Addons Toolbox :slight_smile:

Welcome, that’s hell of a first post!

great work!

nice addon!!!

Very useful!! Thank you

Да, но лучше писать на английском, чтобы другие нас поняли :eyebrowlift2:

In the first thing I did this addon for animators.
Often they do not need to select meshes and they need only armatures.
This addon is intended to simplify their life.

It always surprised me that Blender didn’t have something like this by default. I’m sure this will make it to trunk in no time.

Thank you very much!

+1 for the trunk !

COuld be useful! Thanks!

Cool and useful, thanks!

Great job, sir, it´s very useful! спасибо for sharing!

That is very cool add on, thank you!

One idea: Lamp meshes. Sometimes I wanna select everything except lamps, but I use normal lamps and meshes that are made to be lamps, so now there are no method to make them not selectable. I know it can be little more difficult to do, but the trigger could be a mesh that has only emitter material node. Or something like that.

  • trunk
    Very nice addition

That’s nice! thanks

Nice, very nice. I’ll be using this script :slight_smile:
A variation of it I would like to have is “hide by object type”.
I wrote a script like that myself but it’s very simple (it just uses the already available “Select by type” and “Hide” commands) but your way is much slicker.
Also, it would be cool if the manual refresh could be avoided although it’s fairly a good solution.

Cool, Very nice… Thanks!

+1 for the trunk