[ADDON] Shape Keys Presets

Yes. we need custom image UI. That’s should be a new development direction.

Wow that’s quite interesting, I’ll take an attentive look at it, thx for the links, krokodil ! :slight_smile:
It seems I have something to study this summer lol

You’ll find the 0.4 update in the first post. Layout modifications and a few tools added.
Hope you’ll like it ! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thnx! It looks very practical. :slight_smile:

Hi ! Here’s some of the last improvements for the addon -> see 1rst post as usual :slight_smile:
I had a look at the gallery implementation and it seems really ‘complicated’ to do it in blender.
Afaik, UI layout doesn’t handle image integration…

That’s really a pity…

An idea was to try to combine a tkinter window but the latter is no more included in blender, cause it may cause some crashes (?)
Maybe I should take a look at pyQT4.5 (and above) but blender works a lot with context, not sure if simulating a context is possible anyway or recommended :frowning:

Maybe with future UI python features it would be possible to manage images in UI lists, or even custom icons ?

Hi, Mominou!
Everything is ok, your script is very handfull at present. Gallery implementation stay a challenge for the future :).
If you want, you can extend organisation of shapekeys . Maybe by this way: (image) I hope, my image will “say” everything.

Hey krokodil !
I managed to do it in a bit different way visually :slight_smile: I still need to check some situations and to correct a really bad bug -please don’t use export for now, I’ll put the corrected version 0.5b in a few moments.
As the code had to be redesigned a little for categories implementation -please don’t ask me for subcategories xD- your previous presets may generate errors, I’ll try to put an option in the small menu to update them correctly.
I think I’ll be able to post the update 0.6 tomorrow, now’s time to sleep ! :slight_smile:

Do not be hurry! You have time.
We are looking forward to new better and better version of script, but we are tolerant.
Your work has respectable quality, we will wait some short days … :smiley:

Hi guys !
Update 0.6 is available with preset categories.
I did many tests but you might encounter some bugs (avoiding infinite recursion was really a pain, but it seems ok now.)
Feel free to report problems here !

This version needed important changes in some part of the code, so please don’t get mad if something doesn’t work anymore, as I couldn’t test all options in all situations. Just report it here and I’ll do my best to fix it asap ! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Mominou!
You are the best!

Hi, Mominou!
I really like your script, this is what I want! Thank you! I’m using blender 2.68 on windows, and the addon version 0.6b seems not working for me. I can see the panel and the button but no effect when I pressing the button.

Hi Nefzen !
I’m glad to see that this script can help you :slight_smile:
Of course, it would be better if it worked XD
I’m using blender 2.68a on windows and had no problems so far…
Can you describe what you’re trying to do please ? Which one of the buttons hasn’t worked ?

Edit : BTW, version 0.6c posted with little code tweaks.

Hey, could you please prepare your add-on for 2.70? Here are the instructions - http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Projects/UI/Tab_Guidelines


Hey, thanx for the link, I’ll update it ASAP :yes:

Ok, done. It just needs some advanced tests and, as usual, if something goes wrong, thanks for reporting it here !

Hey is the 0.06 version still available. I am not using blender 2.7 yet so I do not think that the 0.07 version will work for me.

Hello Shaba1,
You’ll find a link in the first post for Blender 2.69 (haven’t checked compatibility with previous versions).
Btw, an export bug was corrected (impossible to import exported data) so current version is 0.7.1.
So just tell me if everything’s ok (or not! :()

what link. All I see on that first page is a link to the present version for 2.7 and a set of update notices for each version but no links to those versions.

Just under the link for 2.70 version :

For Blender 2.69 : SKPresets_0_6_4_21_03_14.zip

I sometimes get this error message where adding a new preset.
(Blender 2.70, Mac OS)

Thanks, that’s the same error I get but impossible to reproduce it each time.
I’m working on it, hope this will be solved ASAP.