[Addon] Silhouette [0.5]

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Overview - A simple silhouette toggle for the 3D View.


  1. Simple toggle in the 3D view Shading panel (Property Shelf)
  2. Customizable background color

Let me know what you guys think.


I think there have been a few addons like this one, offhand I know of this one, however I think the implementation in this addon is a bit better in regards to integration to Blender’s existing UI (We all know we don’t need another tab/panel) and better suited for day to day use when we just need to display the silhouette of our sculpt/model.

This is pretty cool!

Very nice, I like the placement in the panel too

simple beauty, thanks man!

do you mind if we bundle it to our “blender animators toolbox” panel?


Ofcourse not, enjoy!

This goes into a Pie :slight_smile:


this addon is really nice. Im always telling students about the need to read silouette. I think it also has a future in the VP HOPS menu as well. Donated.

Thank you masterxeon1001!

Yes the silhouette is an extremely important aspect for correct presentation, as I believe people tend to recognize the silhouette of an object before processing the details, it was actually the reason why I made this.

However Meta-Androcto pointed out that this could also be used as an valid solution to opengl masking so I am in the process of rewriting the whole thing in bgl, so that it will be possible to tweak this effect :slight_smile:

Added a background color option to the shading panel when silhouette is active.

Awesome! works very well, let me know if you need other tools as I am really starting to wrap my head around opengl and I can think of many possibilities.

Found another interesting use, wireframe still works with silhouette, so an easy way to produce a bw wireframe, also, great tool for positioning components just right, I was working on a project of mine earlier and was having issue placing a part, wasn’t sure what would look best, I used silhouette to decide where to place it and now I am very happy with the positioning :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine what else you might do, but that is the fun in watching you work, proxe - what comes next is exciting.

this is very useful, great implementation, thanks!

There is a critical bug when using quick silhuette throught hard ops viewport menu. It gets stuck on silhuette mode and wont get back to normal until you reset factory settings :frowning:

Hard Ops 9
Newest Silhuette addon
Blender 2.78c
win 10, 64bit

Is the silhouette addon activated? as it does store the old viewport settings.

Yep it is, I really wish this problem could be solved since I love both addons.

I can’t reproduce the issue using HOps, I also took a look at the code and it appears that it should work fine, is there any errors reported in the console?