Addon similar to UV Highlight for 2.80?

Anyone know if there are any updates on this? Tried the newest branch, but it doesn’t appear in the tool shelf.

This simple tool completely changes the entire UV workflow, yet nobody seems to be too bothered about it. :laughing: Not showing Uvs in the editor unless selected in the viewport is THE reason I won’t use Blender for unwrapping(sync is an unacceptable hack) It is a ridiculous concept.

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This is a dirty fix but it works in blender 2.81 (15.6 KB)

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Thanks, it shows up in the tool shelf, but isn’t doing anything. I still have to select from the 3D view or UVs are invisible in the editor.

The all-important ‘show non-selected faces’ feature is missing.

It works well for me

Thanks, I missed the overlays rollout. Looks like I just misunderstood the features. I thought islands would always show up in the editor, but you still have to have it selected in the 3D view, which is a pain in the arse.

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Hmmm I can’t get it to work either, it doesn’t show like on your video @Mephist0
Got this error in the console:

  File "C:\Users\chafouin\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons\uv_highlight\", line 5, in toggle_preselection
  File "C:\Users\chafouin\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons\uv_highlight\", line 289, in handle_toggle_preselection_state
    state = self.settings.show_preselection
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'show_preselection'
File "C:\Users\chafouin\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons\uv_highlight\", line 3, in toggle_preselection

Try this version (28.4 KB)

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Works perfectly, thanks a lot!

awesome, thank you!

I also wish I didn’t have to select the mesh first as someone else said. Is very strange how you have to mess with the sync mode and multi-selection states. Is very confusing for new users. But i know is a core blender “issue” and not this Add-On.

I wish someone would be able to re-work UVs in general, but doesn’t seem like anyone has much interest :(.

Edit: Doesn’t seem to work for me in 2.8 Release? Only 2.81 and above?

This is my main issue and THE sole reason I wouldn’t use Blender to unwrap. I thought that this addon solved that, but sadly it doesn’t.


Same, UV editing in Blender has always been something I hate doing it. Its so much easier to work with in other applications.

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Unfortunately, this add-on does not work correctly. I have installed a new version for blender 2.81a and the grid preview does not work.
UVW in Blender is one of the worst things this program has.


Agreed, but it wouldn’t be half as bad if it didn’t have the CRAZY disconnect between 3d view and uv view. It really is insane.

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I agree with you. I don’t understand it either.
3ds Max has the best UVW solution. It’s not perfect, but it’s really good.
Blender seems to lack everything when it comes to UVW.

In Blender 2.82 this highlight add-on works.

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Oh really?? It works in 2.82?

Yes, it works.

Yes, it works! Thank you

So I can see it “working” in 2.82… but only if you select all the faces? Also only works in Sync Mode I think?

I wish Blender would just re-do all this, and not have 2 modes, just 1 and so on. But we might not see any real deeper UV updates for who knows how long.

what does it do ?
can you give a render example of this fake effect ?

happy bl

I used the addon on blender 2.8 but noticed that it prevents the autosaves from working. As soon as I desactivate it, everythings work fine.

I installed it the other day and it seemed to work as advertised. However, it causes a serious bug in the latest version (2.83.2) and 2.90 Alpha. If I add an object, modify it in edit mode and press CTRL-Z, the program crashes. As soon as I disabled the addon, there was no issue. Anyone else having this problem?