[Addon] Simple Material Replacement Addon

I work a lot with imported objects from other 3D systems, primarily 3D Cad systems like Creo. I use an import / export program to create .obj files. These .obj files are then imported into Blender.

Once in Blender, I have put material on each individual object by sorting the objects into respective material and then applying this material to the objects. A very time-consuming job and because the same object recovers at each import, I finally realized that this should be automated.

This I have done now by creating a material data base where the object’s material name is saved. Whenever I import and set material on objects, I also save the new objects that are not yet in the database to the database.

So now that I import new 3D cad data, I first set material on the objects contained in the database autmatically. Then I put material on the items that may not yet be included in the database by hand and save the new objects in the database. At the moment, I have a database of about 10,000 articles with its material name and are constantly updating when new objects are imported and have there material set.

This method saves an enormous amount of time when objects that have already been assigned a material do not need material to be added once more.

I’ve also added a number of other features in this Addon that I call for Simple Material Replacement.

For more info:

Main features

  • Saves objects material names in Material Data Base
  • Replace material on objects with information from Material Data Base
  • Easy to add materials from other blend file
  • Will set material to “Not Found” if the material is not in Material Data Base
  • Write over material in the Material Data Base with new/other material
  • Check and remove duplicated material

PRO version also include:

  • Select material that already exists in the Material Data Base
  • Be able to make special objects in another file, do selections base on that information and also easy import selected object to current blend file (it also place the imported object to selected object)
  • Make a second database where information can be stored about objects that can be removed or deleted
  • List material used by objects in the blend file



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BR Martin

Now, a big update has been made in the PRO version of Simple Material Replacment addon. Now it is possible to specify something other than “.” To distinguish duplicate items that will have the same material. Default is still “.” But, for example, “prt” can be specified instead. Need help analyzing your files to see if the addon is something for you! Do not hesitate to send me a message and I can help to see if it could work for you.