[Addon] Simplify Multiple F-Curves released

Hello everybody,

My research team (Sign Language Synthesis and Interaction group: http://slsi.dfki.de) just released an addon to simplify multiple F-Curves at once, which also temporally aligns the retained keyframes.

You can find a release note, together with links to the addon and a manual, at the following link:

Hope you can take advantage of it.

Fabrizio Nunnari & Alexis Heloir

What’s the process to follow to have it (eventually) distributed with Blender official releases?

great tool, thanks a lot!
maybe some way to filter the kind of curve would be useful…?

Hi, I suggest you to check this to find how to make it included in official releases…http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Py/Sharing

Hi liero,

Can you tell me what you mean by “kind of curve”? You mean among “location”, “rotation”, … (i.e. FCurve.data_path) ?
Do you mean by “filter” an additional filter to the manual selection? Like the one you see in the timeline to enter Keys?


yes, I meant the curve data_path… tried it on a baked simulation of many objects and proved useful
also you may want to make this work on armatures, it could help cleaning mocap files…?

Well. The script should be able to simplify any kind of animation curves, including “mocapped” ones.
I was successfully testing it on facial animation, where curves are translation of rig controllers.
If you want to provide me of a test file I can try it on full-body mocap. Some strange behaviour can arise when simplifying rotation curves, since the semantic associated to quaternion element values is not trivially related to the movement “amplitude”.
There are academic papers out there stating it works… but I will be happy to try it myself :wink:

Let me know.


I just uploaded the plugin on the developer’s Tracker.
I updated it to version 1.2 to fullfil addon editing specifications: added GPLv3 license and removed log info from the script.

Here is the page:

Hope people would test it and give Feedback.


Great contribution to the blender community.
I’m working with mocaps and its exactly what I been looking for.