[Addon] - Smart Cursor

I’ve them here…

Wrong thread, use the RMB thread please :wink:

Also, to see what is the issue.

That will give informations to find the issue !

sorry for the mistake
Issue posted on the RMB thread

The only thing that works for me is to hold CTR which snaps the Smart cursor to a vertex (in Edit Mode), but this does not place the origin at the same time?

None of the other features work for me? Can you give me any advice?

Blender 2.78

Do you have Emulate 3 Buttons activated ?

Ah! good question. But no.

I sometimes activate Emulate 3 Button Mouse for use with a Wacom, but I looked and it is not activated.

I have my ALT key mapped to Pie Menus on ALT Tilde, 1 and 2. And I use Left Click select.

I don’t know if this makes a difference?

And, I don’t know if it helps but I have attached an image with the Info panel open.


Maybe don’t know.

Thank you for your replies.

I will leave it for now.


I just downloaded the addon, but I can´t find the icon in blender 2.8.

Could you help me out?



BTW: Looks very useful!

is there any chance to have this addon in 2.8

I’ll integrate it to my pie menus for 2.8 I think

this is little bit sad, you attach script to menu which not use everyone (i use Pie Menu Editor). And we (who no use) must extract them(Smart Cursor) from pie menu to use it…

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it’s sad that I attach my script to a menu?

Smart cursor is a modal, you just have to call the operator in pie menu editor.
What is sad about that, I don’t understand sorry.

by pie menu you mean this? right? Wazou's RMB Pie Menu V2
then - in order to activate and use Smart Cursor we must use (activate) RMB piemenu addon - right?

nope, the addon only call the smart cursor operator.
if smart cursor is not installed, it’s not visible in RMB pie menu.