[Addon] Smart Edges Intersect Tool (can keep faces)

I want use blender do something like CAD software, just like autocad’s command “fillet”," trim" and so on. I find tinyCAD is good choice for me, but has a little weakness, if you use it , the faces linked with edges will be broken.

So I write the addon myself, it can work like tinyCAD, auto to know when is in ‘V’,‘T’ or ‘X’ mode and can keep and split faces correctly.

I have post it in the chinese blender forum firstly.

Please try it on, enjoy.
Any suggest is welcome.

Addon is here.

smart_edges_intersect_tool.zip (2.18 KB)

info and how to use:

‘name’: “Smart two edges intersect tool (cad VTX)”,
‘author’: “luxuy blendercn”,
‘version’: (1, 0, 0),
‘blender’: (2, 70, 0),
‘location’: ‘View3D > EditMode > (w) Specials’,
‘warning’: “”,
‘category’: ‘Mesh’

A other good thing is that you can find the Radius Point of an existing Bevel with only one hit.
…yes, really great tool…> a must have…

Looks great. One could hope this functionality be build into blender itself at some point in the future.
But nice work. Will test it soon :slight_smile:

Yeah, should be a built in function. If the Mesh Analysis tools for 3d printing have a place in the standard toolbars, then certainly edge extend, trim, offset, intersect and fillet should too.

Consider using bmesh.ops.bisect_plane( – if I was rewriting autoVTX to preserve faces that’s what i’d use.

Hi, zeffii, waiting for you new version tinyCAD, I like it.

Hi nixy, I probably won’t update it anymore. It’s time for someone else to do this stuff. Well done :slight_smile:

thx for sharing!

…Radius Point of an existing Bevel…
> it work on planar loop accurately
> with non-planar you have to adjust the view

Wow! A great step closer to perfection!
Just like I was dreaming about…
Thank you so much for this!

First and foremost this is a nifty little addon, thanks for sharing this.
I’ve been trying to use this with Blender 2.74 and I got this error while trying to use it and then Blender just exits mesh edit mode:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Path	o\Blender\2.74\scripts\addons\smart_edges_intersect_tool.py", line 82, in invoke
IndexError: BMElemSeq[index]: outdated internal index table, run ensure_lookup_table() first

location: <unknown location>:-1

I tried it with this model

but I get an error
IndexError: BMElemSeq[index]: outdated internal index table, run ensure_lookup_t
able() first

can it do that or not ?

happy bl

might need some more work, here’s what I have:

looks like it works now

thanks for the update !

happy bl